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New Camaro Aussie engineered, Canadian built, Zeta chassis 2-door G8 (or as close as we might get)

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here is a good reason...already had a small issue with a recall

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I had wanted one since they had the concept in Transformers as Bumble Bee. I've always liked the Firebirds looks over the Camaro though, so I was keeping my fingers crossed they would announce one. Found out it wasn't going to happen. I had the option of buying my G8 back in February and I jumped on it. I have driven a 2 door car most of my life. Most of those cars ended up with the interior wrecked in the back seat from people climbing in and out of them. I'm getting older and I realized the time came to get a 4 door car, but I didn't want a "how do we say it. Family car just yet" haha. My lady likes my "sexy black car". I got to drive a new Camaro today at a local unveiling / car show at the Chevy dealership near my place. Albeit was the V6 model and not the SS. I wanted a direct comparison but I'll settle. I'd have to say its a nice riding car. Handles good in the corners. Absorbs bumps like they aren't there. The head salesman took me out for a ride on some winding roads near my place (he hadn't driven it yet either) and then handed the keys to me to play around like I saw fit. I put the car through its paces. I give it props where they are do. The seats are nice. I'm not a small guy. I'm 5'11" 210 and the seat hugs in all the right places like my G8 seats. The V6 is still a Girl's car. It just doesn't have the torque to go with the horsepower. I had more people saying they would rather have my car when they found out what engine it has and got to see the interior of it. That includes most of the salesmen at the dealership along with the owner who had his 67 Camaro on display. I went to look at all the old Camaros and Corvettes and ended up spending half the day fielding questions about my car. It is bone stock by the way. I have a few upgrades in mind just haven't done them yet. Still getting the newness worn off. Lol just hit 3k miles and put my First oil change on it yesterday to Mobil 1 synthetic. only upgrade so far. debadging is tomorrow. damn rain. Every time I detail my car it never fails. I should wash my car the next drought. It would flood. sorry got side tracked. The Camaro is nice. I hope it gives GM some clout that is much needed these days. I was also told to wait till 2012 Model before I buy a new Camaro. The Z/28 will be pushing over 500hp and will be alive and well. I'll see when the time comes.

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I really wanted a Camaro and if they had been out at the time I was in the market for a car and readily available I might have gotten one. I test drove a Challenger R/t, 08 Mustang Sherrod, 07 White Vette. Each of these I toyed with for three weeks trying to decide. One a whim I drove to the local Pontiac dealer to test drive their ownly "new" 06 GTO. When I say new I mean 7000+ miles never registered, driven and beat up by the owner, stickered at $39k. I loved it but the price was too high for that "new" GTO. The salesman wasn't very talkative, probably didn't think I was serious, but he showed me the G8 I had done a little research on the internet. Though I thought the GT was around 40k so when he told me 32k I was ecstatic. Drove a black one he let me go pick my wife up and after haggling for the GTO and owner backing down I decided to go with the G8. Only the Black one had scratches on the door above the handle so I went with a liquid red with the sports and premium package. I really wanted the black but didn't want to deal with the scratch issue.

This was all around 2 months ago. Today my local chevy dealership had a silver Camaro in the showroom so I had to stop by to see it and see what they wanted...I can still trade my wife's car in...lol. Silver SS 2SS rs package, manual with black racing stripe. Sticker said 36k. So I asked the salesman about the car and he said it was sold and the buyer agreed to let it sit in lobby for a week. It was a pre-ordered camaro that someone backed out on that some lucky bastard came upon at the right time...or so I thought. I asked him when they would have more and he said September, than I asked him if that one in front of me went for 36k or so. He said no it sold for 46k. ?There was a 10k dealer markup because of the demand for the car. I said there's no way in hell I would pay anywhere close to that. I would buy a G8Gxp or a newer used Vette before I would drop 46k on a 36k car. So I left with a huge smile on my face as I pulled away in my Liquid Red 09 G8 GT...a car where I have had numerous compliments and unlimited amount of great times on there way.
So again...who is the lucky one in all of this?
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I did; couldn't sell the wife on the 2-dr...wasn't even sure I would be able to get one
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Originally Posted by Attorneyguy View Post
I was considering the Camaro AFTER and IN ADDITION TO my G8. But then I sat in the Camaro and was not very impressed at all. The exterior is definitely much better than the interior.
+1. I sat in and drove the Camaro and was SERIOUSLY considering ordering one up until that point. Now I'm SERIOUSLY pursuing a G8 GXP.

Also, I know this sounds sacreligous on a GM board, but I would probably buy a 2010 Mustang GT before buying a new Camaro. I test drove one and it was seriously nice, the interior, lightyears ahead of the Camaro. Might not be as quick as a Camaro but it would make a much better daily driver.

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I actually found my G8 BECAUSE of the Camaro. Dealer had a loaded RS on the lot and it was the first one I'd seen in person, so I stopped to check it out and saw they had a G8 GT. The rest, as they say, was history...

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After having been in the Camaro... I'd consider it more. It's actually built well, if quirky. The backseat is big enough for a dog, but probably not a person. Luckily I have a dog, and nobody would need to be in the backseat except him.
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I bought my GT last year. I considered waiting for the Camaro, but I finally found a leftover 888 equipped the way I wanted at a price I was okay with. No regrets, as it's a great car. Even the wife is okay enough with it so we can use it instead of her tank on long road trips.
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After reading this thread I am glad I went with the G8 GT!! I was really thinking I should wait for the Camaro to come out and wanted an SS so bad I could taste it. However, I fgured all that BS about producing the SS for only 30k was just that, complete BS. Come to find out I was exactly right. Plus, I will be 30 in three months and really plan to keep this car for about 4-5 years. Being that I dont know what will happen in 4-5 years with family plans, job plans etc... I opted for a 4 door car to drive the guys to the course or take the kids out for a spin? I just figured the 4 doors with a powerful V8 would get me better use out of the car then a true 2 door sports car. I do not regret my decision, I do however wished I was home to drive it and not sitting in Afghanistan reading about you guys driving ya'lls LOL!! Just 4 more months and I will be home for R&R and 7 months after that I will be home for good with enough money to put an APS TT on it!!
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That is smart thinking. I rarely drive my Camaro anymore because if having to get the kids in and out, so when I do drive it I am usually alone. With the G8 everyone gets in, has plenty of room, and we have just as much fun w/o really giving up anything in performance.

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well I went to the local chevy dealer to drop a tranny off and when I went up to the front office to pick up the check I saw a new Camaro in the showroom. They sold that one earlier that day, so I went to another dealer to see one and possibly order a red ss rs with all the crap I wanted. Next to the Camaro in the showroom was GXP. I sat in the Camaro-being a big guy I felt kinda cramped so I was like-oh well, but then I started checking out the GXP and I had never heard of a G8 before. So I was kinda blown away. If it wasn't for me going to check out the Camaro I would have missed out on the GXP's.
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after due consideration......

Originally Posted by UncleBenny View Post
If the Camaro was already out it would have been a tougher decision for me, but the fact that I can't just go buy one right now is what lead me to the G8. ...
I looked at the Camaro very carefully before pulling the trigger on my G8 GT last November.

I was fortunate to actually see a very early [ I think there were only a dozen or less at the time ] pilot production Camaro in person at the local dealer where my company buys their trucks. This was late last September.

At the time I was contemplating replacement of my Corvette Coupe. The Camaro would have been a bit quicker than my G8 GT – and not quite as quick as my Corvette. Most everything else about the Camaro would also have been somewhere between the Corvette & the G8 GT.

The G8 GT – a 2009 - was what I chose.

I did not choose the Camaro for the following reasons:

1 - The announced HUD [ had this in multiple cars – including previous Grand Prix and the Corvette & really wanted this ] did not make it to production for 2010.

2 – The visibility to the rear quarters [ particularly over the left shoulder for lane-change ] is as bad as the Corvette. The Camaro’s left rear quarter ‘window’ is useless for this, because of the wide pillar right behind the door.

3 – There will likely be no SS \ V8 Camaro models available for a thorough test drive until some time this Fall. I will not commit to buy a $35K+ car without driving one.

4 – Significant discounts \ rebates are unlikely on the Camaro any time soon. The current wait for an ordered SS in most places appears to be running 4 – 6 months – or more. Those with an SS in stock & available are reportedly \ typically trying for $2K to $5K over MSRP.

5 – Although the trunk’s actual capacity appears OK, the access is very restricted.

6 – The shift ‘paddles’ as implemented for the Camaro’s 6L80 automatic are not to my taste. The ones on my Corvette were fine.

7 – Though the interior I find looks better to me than pictures suggested, I still much prefer the G8 GT’s interior.

Now it certainly DOES appear that the Camaro will be around for a while – and aftermarket support, as well as parts availability seem likely to be much better for the Camaro.

Oh, well.

And I’d have really enjoyed the additional HP & TQ of the 6.2L.

Again: Oh, well.

OK – I’d have chosen the gray or gray & black interior, had that been a choice for the G8 GT.

But my black & red is OK.

- Ray
Very, very happy with my choice . . .
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Originally Posted by The Commodore View Post
I considered a Challenger after I bought the G8.....

Camaro has a lot of thing I can't love.
I'm in accord with you on this one. I like the Challenger more than the Camaro, it has more of the nostalgic look. I love the room in my G8...and based on recent trends looks like our G8's could be in the sought after nostalgic category one day...
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Did not consider it at all, and finally got to see one this Monday, the only one they had, they said they had 5 but sold them all, it had the sunroof, being 6'4" my head hit the inside roof, not good, but I did read somewhere the sunroof took away about 1.5" of head room, can anyone else verify this, thanks, by the way it was a yellow one with an auto, and yes they do look good to me.


Ron Neisler, Emmett,Id. 87 T/R [email protected], 09 G8 GT, [email protected] 2.18 60ft
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There is more head room without the sunroof....that was one of my considerations as well and why I went without a sunroof...
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I did briefly toy with the idea of a Camaro but would have to wait at least 1 year for the price to be reasonable. I don't believe in buying any car at MSRP much less above MSRP. I got my 09 G8 GT at a good price and thought that Pontiac was going to stay. Oh well about that but as long as I can get parts, it is not that big a problem.

The Camaro has little back seats and the trunk is practically worthless. But a 6.2L engine would be nice. The power difference with the A6 is only 39bhp and the 0 to 60 time is about half a second so the performance difference is insufficient for me to wait.

Dream Car: 33 bhp, top speed < 70 mph, and burns spontaneously

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Go sit in one.

It feels small and cramped inside. I've sat in three, LS, and two SS (manual and automatic). Back seat won't hold a 10 year old. Without a sunroof, enough headroom, but feels cramped inside, with my head almost touches the roof. Worse yet there's about an inch/inch and half between my knees and the dash. No room at all. I can't imagine someone 6'+ or with longer legs really fitting. It makes the 4th Gen F-bodies downright roomy by comparision.

Overall, the outside is cool, inside its cramped (I'm only 6' about 200) for me and the visibility sucks. I did like the radio/HVAC controls though.

Outside Camaro over G8, inside G8..

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Sat in one the other day - its a little cramped inside. I might look serious into one, since there are no more G8's anywhere near I live. I'm not buying until a year from now.
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I posted this over at ls1tech,

I appreciate the styling of the Camaro inside but the G8 has a clearer gauge cluster that's easier to read at a glance, way better materials everywhere, and seats with a better design and firmer bolstering. Buying a muscle car for the interior might not be the point of these types of cars but the G8 is about as good as it gets if you want one.

The stuff they make the Camaro's interior out of wasn't as bad as the 4th gen. but it still turned me off in comparison to the GTO and G8 I've owned. As did the no space backseat (and the Camaro is a huge car so why doesn't have a big back seat?) and the big trunk with an opening that kills it's practicality.

It's also easier to accept a near 4,000lb curb weight in a big four door than it is a coupe.
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I considered, but wait time, insurance and the horribly small visibility from the driver's seat turned me off to it

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