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July 2013 G8 of the month winner, Gary H!

Congratulations to Gary H!

Wow! Thank you so much! It's not been the best year for me so things like this really do cheer me up!
I just want to add that I didn't know about my nomination so this came as a very nice surprise

Whilst not a G8, I would like to thank the Forum - especially to Nate and Jose (Rican219) for their inspiration; Without their mods, my car wouldn't be what it is today and I hope some of my mods can inspire back - they're essentially close relatives with all parts interchangeable.

So on to the Spec. (You may be be here some time)
The car is a 2007 HSV Clubsport R8, imported to the UK and sold as a Vauxhall VXR8.

Colour: Matte Metallic Anthracite Wrap

Bodykit: Standard HSV + JHP Senator rear lip, Savage Fibreglass hood, HSV Vector Side Vents, LED mirror caps. Genuine GM 5-piece flat underbody kit

Engine Type: LS2

Engine Mods: Harrop 122 Cahrger running 9psi, Walkinshaw Performance Charge Cooler, Devils Own Water/Meth Injection, Larger Injectors, Catch Can, Custom shaped home made Engine covers (Hydro-dipped), Zircotec coated fluid reservoirs, external PS fluid cooler
Power: 630-670BHP (Dyno dependant)

Exhaust:Walkinshaw Performance Bi-Modal with X-pipe replacing primary silencer and black tips

Gearbox: Tremec TR6060 6-speed manual with custom longer 5th gearset. LS7 Clutch
Diff: 3.27 Stock LSD

Brakes: DBA 2-piece 365mm front rotors, AP 6-pot/4-pot Walkinshaw Callipers, re-built and re-sprayed red with custom decals, Pagid RS-29 Race Pads, RBF 600 fluid and Goodridge Hoses.

Suspension: Pedders Supercar fully adjustable 3-way Coilovers and Pedders uprated rear anti-roll bar

Wheels/Tyres: 20X10 and 20X8.5 KMC Rockstar wheels, re-sprayed totally in Satin black with custom made centre caps

Interior: Complete E3 Holden IQ transplant with centre console leather trimmed and ashtray back re-sprayed Paino Black. 3 X PLX OBD OLED Gauges. Bi-Modal Switch moved to the Glovebox. Rear View Camera. Full control Ipod Interface, Sat Nav, DAB Radio, DVD/Media player, HDMI Smart Phone Interface - all off the AV input using a 4-way switcher. Steering wheel re-trimmed in Bentley leather with custom stitching and Carbon Leather detail, Matt silver spokes and matt black control buttons. Dash top panels leather trimmed.
MRC switch converted to WI power - and misting indicator, HSV Steering wheel Airbag. Heated Mirror elements retro-fitted along with power-on indicators. LCD screen in rear view mirror showing side camera (fitted under wing mirror) and TPMS.
Tinted Security window film.
Shorter DAB/FM antenna.
5000K HID and LED bulbs all round
CG HIDs (Spyder) Uprated DRL Headlights (brighter SMD LEDs)

Stereo: All door speakers replaced with CDT Audio components and rear subs swapped out for Kicker Comp 8s. Extensive sound proofing and dampening. 2 X Alpine Digital Amps (800W RMS), Alpine Time alignment/Parametric EQ control in Ashtray.

Future Mods: Remote start, heated seats, more leather on dash/re-trim.
Uprated Cam, headers, cats & fuelling to 700bhp.

...and I'm sure a lot I haven't thought of yet

...also forgot, total closure windows on locking (with anti-trap) feature and exterior boot release behind rear licence plate )
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