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Gary H
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Yes, thanks to Brad & Jeff at JHP for sorting a lot of the stuff out.
Hell's G8te - Yes, you're absolutely right, money can make it happen. However, if you want something truly unique, then that's the enabler - the design ethos and overall concept is what makes it Special:
It all started with the 'Vector Vents' - then I need matching wheels (inspiration actually came from this Forum) and then everything else grew around it. I wanted to end up with a car that could have come directly from HSV as a Factory edition, so a lot of the modification simply wont be noticed by a lot of people - like the wheels: Completely re-sprayed black to lose the fake wheel studs and then I made custom HSV centre caps by measuring the diameter, finding what fitted (Mercedes caps!) and then having HSV domed resin decals made.
The centre console includes an ashtray which doesn't come on the E3. I think it flows better - especially after having the entire centre painted piano black.
I needed a switch to power on my Water/Meth Injection so used a genuine HSV MRC switch and wired in a two-stage LED to tell me when it was on - and when it was misting.
I could go on, but will do a full write-up on my Facebook site (I run the HSV UK Page) soon.
Thank you all for the comments so far - really appreciated


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