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i'd have to say that maybe they get bored with the car. it happened to me last year. in april of 09 i bought my dream car, an 03 cobra. i threw outrageous amounts of money into it the year i owned it. hardly ever drove it and get it clean as a whistle and in the garage all the time. when i pcs'd (im in the military) and didnt have a garage to keep it in, i paid monthly for a storage just to keep it out of the elements and out of sight for "haters". by the time i sold it, i had just installed a kenne bell blower and it dynoed 605/572 to the wheels. an ultimate and highly sought after car. sold it cause i was paying insurance, car note and storage fee for a rarely driven car. wanting to put it in the hands of someone that would do with the car whats suppose to be done with a cobra, drive it. just my 02 cents. theres absolutely nothing wrong with these cars but i can see people getting bored with them. and boredom will set in with any nice car. kind of like a hot chick youve always wanted and once you get it you want to move on.
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I bought my GT because I wanted a V8 sedan that was fun to drive. It was in my budget and the backseat accommodated our baby girl's car seat very nicely.
6 months after buying it, I get a new job, and my income triples.
My budget changed.
I could have kept the car, it was nice. I liked a lot about it.
But I wanted something a little more nimble, that still had a backseat and a V8...
I would recommend a G8 GT to anyone.
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I've had my G8 for 2 months and 1 day now. I absolutely love it! Couple weeks ago I was toying with the idea of trading it in on a plow truck because of the 23in's of snow that dropped on my area. But after seriously thinking bout it I'd hate myself if i did it. I have been wanting this car since the day it came out and my sisters fiance (boyfriend at the time) went and picked up one of the first 888's. I have always been into fast cars that are fun to drive. I have owned a Firebird formula, camaro z28, grand prix gtp coupe. I drive a lot for work and a lot when me and my buddies go out. I was sick of getting in and out of my car for people to get into the back seat. With a year under my belt at work and a 10% raise after the first year I thought it was time for a new car.

Requirements: 4 door, fast, sexy, warrantied and around 20k.

What other car fits into that criteria? Nothing but the G8. To me owning a G8 is like being in that social club EVERYONE wants to be in but only a select few are actually in. Owning a G8 is a pride I never felt before from a car. If you decide to buy one I promise you, you wont regret it.

(12-8-10) 2008 G8 GT Fully loaded with tints
(12-25-10) Pypes Violator axle back
(2-22-11) New Era CAI
(6/24/11) DT Tri Y's
Tune Coming Soon

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Even the V-6s are holding their own. I bought my brand new 2008 (Completly Base) in July of 2009 for $20,400 OTD after taxes ($25K+ after neg equity). My trade in Value is $18,500-$19,200 with a resale value of $22-$23,000 (18K miles). If I traded it in today I would be even going into another vehicle even and I bought the car $4-5000 upside down. That 5K was recouped pretty darn quick. What a great investment and Car I love it!!!!

The only thing I would consider switching over to is a 2011 Charger R/T. lots of improvements and its 2K cheaper than the 2010 model. I hope Chevy finalizes bringing back the G8 platform so I can drive one of these baby's with the V-8.
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I heard dealers are fire selling these because a lot of banks won't cooporate on 72 month loans for Pontiacs.
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I had similar questions as you. I just bought my 2009 G8 GT a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! My family is a Ford family so this is the first GM vehicle I've ever owed. I, too noticed that there are TONS of very low mileage G8s for sale everywhere.

My personal thought is that a bunch of people freaked out when Pontiac was axed and dumped their Pontiac, regardless of the facts.

I think there are so few on the G8s ever made that despite what happens to more common Pontiac's regarding value, the G8s will hold value pretty well.

I've got a minor warranty issue I need to get taken care of, too, and I haven't run into any dealers that refuse to handle my Pontiac warranty--none of these dealers used to be Pontiac dealers, either.

I'd buy it again if I had to do it over!

Originally Posted by brianbot5000 View Post
I'm a new member who's been lurking for about a month now. I'm going to be in the market for a new car soon, and I sort of have my heart set on a G8. I'm the type of buyer Pontiac had in mind for these cars - I've never owned an American car, but this is one that will bring me back. I love the looks, performance, and value. As for my question...

I'm kind of concerned about how many I see for sale! Why all the deals?? It seems like a lot of people, even enthusiasts are this forum, are eager to unload these cars. And a lot of the cars have really low mileage, indicating that they didn't own them long or drive them much. This has me a little worried - what do they know that I don't know?? Seems like people are lowering prices, and even entertaining the thought of selling it directly to a dealer at a reduced price. Why is this? I know the gas mileage isn't great with these, and I'm OK with that. Is there anything else that makes these cars really hard to live with?

Seriously - I'd love to hear G8 owner's thoughts on this.


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SBM | Premium & Sport + Roof | Staggered Camaro 20" Wheels | 35/20 Tint - SOLD but missed...

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Just my .02 - my situation is I recently traded in a '07 CTS-V for my '09 G8 GT... My CTS only had 15k miles, the GT I bought had 17k miles. Why would someone trade a Cadillac with fewer miles for a Pontiac with higher miles? Necessity - I have a newborn (well, she's 4 months old now) and the back seat on the CTS is just plain small. Getting the car seat in and out was difficult. The back seat on the G8 on the other hand (as most of the folks on this forum know) is HUGE. Plus, going back to an automatic transmission was a plus, just because it's easier to drive slowly if the baby is sleeping in the back seat.
Now, with that said - I have a very short drive to work, and my G8 is my daily driver. IF I ever had to find a new job that required a commute (knocking on wood so that doesn't happen), I think I'd have to look at something a bit more efficient. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the G8, but I really don't know if I could afford to drive it as a commuter (especially with gas prices hitting the levels they have been lately). It would be incredibly unfortunate, but I'd probably have to do it out of necessity.
Lastly, I really think the down economy has people needing to sell cars just to unload a payment. I know if our household lost a job and had to rely on a single income, we'd be hard-pressed to swing a car payment - even a very reasonable payment like the one on my G8.
PS - In case anyone was wondering, I like the G8 much more than the CTS-V... It's a much more practical sport-sedan, but still can go like a rocket if you want. I even find the ride quality in the G8 superior to the CTS (although I think some of that can be attributed to the size and weight of the G8). Either way, I prefer the G8 I have now over the CTS-V I traded in.
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My G8 has 85,000 miles on it now. Bought it 2 weeks after they showed up in the showroom. I plan on driving it to 200,000. The only car I'd consider trading it in for, would be a new CTS-V.
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I drove a Grand Prix GTP modded to 243 at the wheels, drove it for about 200K miles, trans broke and the damage from trans damaged the rear of the engine so it was done. We were in a pinch and the wife like the G6 GT 2dr so we wound up with that. (I couldn't get in/out of the 4 door without banging my head)

She works from home and I commute about 30-45 minutes so I got stuck driving the G6, I'm not a little guy and going from the GP to the G6 was tight, plus I much rather have 4 doors. After driving the G6 for 16 months I finally found a G8 GT that was in the budget and they didn't rape us quite as bad on the G6 as a couple other dealers wanted to. Now that I have her...I can see this being another 200K mile vehicle, super comfy, lots of room for the car seat and my son in the back. The V8 is soooo nice to have horsepower again, I can't say enough about the car.

Syvman, its nice to hear what you had to say, I was considering a CTS figuring at least its a 4 door and should be decent for the family. Glad to know holding out for what I wanted was the better choice.
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I bought my G8 GT brand new and picked up the dealer incentive and that coupled with my GM discount, $34k sticker went to below 29k.. I owe 25,xxx on the car now. Funny thing was that I was actually considering a 2008 Mercedes 300c with 12k on the odo and the payments were the same. I would look at that beautiful black Merc and smile, but when I got behind of the wheel of the G8, the grin got bigger. I figured, am I going to look at it or drive it?
Besides the fact, in this economy and green movement, when are you going to get the chance to drive, better yet own an Australian made four door with a Corvette derived V8? Its a Corvette for four, or five! The interior is unlike any GM car I have seen, very euro-inspired as well as the profile of the overall car. I am a car fanatic and I honestly can't think of a car under 50k I'd rather own than my G8, well, besides a GXP m6.. I miss my manual tranny.. too bad Pontiac couldn't have held out for a few more years to bring us that 6sp in the GT.

The really interesting thing is that I get stopped more by people asking me about this car than any other car I have owned. And it comes from all kinds, from older GM retirees, to business types to women and kids.. And everyone wants to race....(and get smoked!)..

All that being said.. BUY ONE! You won't be disappointed!!
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I'm in a Grand Prix GTP and she has served me well - I will be hopping in a G8 GT very soon and I can't wait!
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I traded in a 2002 Grand Prix GTP 40th for a 2009 G8 GT. I will never sell this car. It is leaps and bounds better than the GP.
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I'm in the market for a G8 GT, but also trying to think of comparable cars in the mid to low 20's. It's not easy to find any...
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I bought my 08' GT new, drove it until May of 09' when I upgraded to the GXP. I have not had any issues with either car and I have just over 23K on the GXP. All I have done was change the oil and rotate the tires.

2009.5 GXP MSM A6 Red/Onyx No Roof
Mods: 1 7/8 Kooks LT, Custom Powder Coated CAI, Catback with Magnaflows
374 WRHP & 374 TRQ
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I have been considering upgrading to a GXP, but my latest searches have revealed very few...none closer than Chicago...GTs are still selling in the mid to high 20s depending on mileage...I underestimated the values these cars would still hold. It's almost like the BMW effect (they are notorious for holding their value, almost absurdly so)...Don't know how long it will last, but it's nice to know I owe about 8-10k less than what I could probably get for mine...

2009 G8 GT, Volant CAI, Solo Mach Balanced Cat-Back system-SOLD, goodbye old friend
Appearance- Red calipers, GXP diffuser installed, 20% tinted windows
2013 Buick Regal GS- Trifecta Tune, 287 FWHP (it's a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder, so not bad)
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I just replaced my '09 that got totaled last fall. Found another '09 V6 last week with 1,280 miles on it. It's parked in my garage now. I would have started a new post but I can't.
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I love them. I first bought a GT model. That was totaled on 1/19/11. I paid out the door brand new for it $28,500 on 6/9/09. So when I got the insurance check I got $27,500. So yes they hold there value big time I think. So for more than a year and a half I drove a brand new G8 GT for $1000. So with me making out like a bandit with the insurance money I went and bought a GXP on 3/12/11 for $32,600 out the door. Night and day with the performance between the two, but not knocking the GT because I loved it. So the only things I can think of people getting rid of there g8's is they get bored with them or the gas mileage problem and paying 4.09 a gallon and $75 to fill up beast. Have you bought one yet? Or did you go in another direction?

2004 SRT-4 Totaled Black 325WHP 350WTQ
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they are great cars but people get easily bored nowadays. And a lot of guys want a manual transmissions as well.
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I love my GT, best car I have ever owned by far. I am planning to keep it for years and years. In fact, the only thing that makes me nervous about these cars is they arent made anymore. If something ever happend to mine i am afraid I wouldnt be able to find a replacement. Get one, you wont be sorry.

2009.5 Pontiac G8 GT :: MSM :: Premium & Sport Packages
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I love my G8 GT more than I ever thought I would. I've had it for 2 yrs and 17k miles. No issues. I usually get a new car every 2 yrs or so. But not with this one. There is no car that looks this good, has this much luxury and goes this fast, for less than I paid. I'm hoping to drive it for about 4 more years and sell it for enough to get a 3 or 4 yr old Corvette, IS-F or C63.

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