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Solo Performance

View Poll Results: Which Solo Performance exhaust product do you have on your G8?
Mach Catback 2 8.33%
Mach Balanced Catback 5 20.83%
Mach Shorty Catback 3 12.50%
Mach Shorty Balanced Catback 0 0%
V8 Axle Back 9 37.50%
V6 Axle Back 1 4.17%
High Flow Cats 3 12.50%
3" Catback 3 12.50%
Kooks to Solo Catted Connection Pipes 2 8.33%
Kooks to Solo Catless Connection Pipes 1 4.17%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 24. You may not vote on this poll

  • 1 Post By Morris
  • 1 Post By Morris
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Exhaust Poll and 2017 Solo Performance G8 Product List with Current Pricing

Solo Performance has been a proud vendor in the G8 community, and we thank all of the G8Board.com members for their continued support over the last few years! We would not be nearly as successful without all of your feedback and continued loyalty. In an effort to keep everyone up to date, below is a list of the current Solo Performance products available for the G8.

G8 V6

Axle Back Exhaust Kit- $533.93

NOTE: All V8 catback kits fit the V6 as well!

G8 V8

  • Axle Back Exhaust Kit- $479.36
  • Mach Balanced Catback- $898.80
  • Mach Catback- $850.65
  • Mach Shorty Balanced Catback- $903.08
  • Mach Shorty Catback- $854.93
  • High Flow Converters (pair)- $732.90
  • Kooks to Existing Solo Kit Catted Connection Pipes (2.5")- $491.13
  • Kooks to Existing Solo Kit Non-Catted Connection Pipes (2.5")- $230.05

NOTE: The "Balanced" versions have a small H-pipe in the front, which lessens gurgle on deceleration and quiets the 4 cylinder mode (AFM) a bit more. If you like the pop and gurgle on deceleration, do not get the balanced kits.

  • G8 3" Catback Exhaust- $1068.93 (recommended for forced induction or serious engine builds)
  • Kooks to Existing Solo Kit Catted Connection Pipes (3")- $497.55
  • Kooks to Existing Solo Kit Non-Catted Connection Pipes (3")- $236.47

Contact Information:

Steve Mariano
Solo Performance Sales and Customer Service
[email protected]
Performance Exhaust Systems | Solo Performance

NOTE: Videos, pictures, kit details, and installation guides can be found on our website, at the link above. Every order comes with a free T-shirt.
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You should post this over at SSforums.com too.

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Originally Posted by GXPaycheck View Post
You should post this over at SSforums.com too.
Good idea! I was trying it out here first, then was going to put up similar ones on other forums Hope all is well!

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I have always liked the products and service Solo has provided and have had your stuff on 3 different cars now.

The kit you made for the Mustang was by far the best of many I tried. The way you routed the exhaust over the axle provided a lot more clearance and was so much better than other set ups (stainless works for example sucked). That car sounded bad ass and got lots of complements.

Getting back to the G8 I think there is still one area that you might be able to offer another alternative. Lots of guys start off not intending to do much in the way of mods but want a little more sound. Those guys typically get the axle back and love it.

Then then Mod bug bites them and they start doing more to the car. Before long they have LT headers with no cats and suddenly that axle back that sounded so good is now WAY to loud.

I know that you have the mid mufflers that can be sold seperately, and thats how I solved the issue with my first G8 (don't think you had the any of the other systems out yet) Anyway, my point the majority of the guys in this situation are off loading the axle backs or adding a Magnaflow mid muffler.

If you had an alternative solution, that would allow customers to keep the existing axle back, yet mate it to a new mid section that woud be a nice way to be able to do things in stages. This would be great for the guys who didn't have the cash at the time or the forsight to see the end game. Perhaps also a short 5" round x 9" long muffler that could be spliced in right behing the tips on an existing solo axle back or even an entirely new axle back that has a mufflers and the J pipes built in? Either way it might be a way to keep guys from looking at other brands.

For me (if money was no option) I would love to ditch the entire system I have frankensteined together from other parts laying around. I would just go with a Solo 3" set up. It would be a pain though because I would have to cut the flanges off the headers (required welding to mate up to a custom mid section of random parts i have) additonaly starting over would be costly. It's hard to fork over the cash and ditch what I already have. The point though, it puts me in the same place a lot of guys eventually end up (I'm assuming it will, I'm not done with the project) asking the following questions.

How do I quiet down the Solo axle backs once I get headers? If I can't, what do I need to replace them with? There should be an answer to that question with the Solo name in it, that is priced at or below the cost of what guys pay to fab up some max flows or vt mufflers. IMO if you could do that you will have another product that could be near the top of your poll results in short order!

Oh, and if you ever need a guinea pig count me in!
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Hi Morris,

Sorry you're having trouble with the sound level after the header and elimination of the cats. When the cats get eliminated the sound definitely explodes and is a real problem. We'll try to answer a few questions you raised. The Solo Axle Back hooks up to the stock flanges and that stock point is very close to the rear axle. The Solo Cat-Back connection at that point is a slip fit and the connection point is further back. We did the cat back's this way for better clearance issues and a smoother flow which is all good except it doesn?t integrate with the Axle Back. This does pose a problem and most people have had very good luck selling their axle back kit and using that money to put toward the cat-back kit when they want to upgrade. We could look into making two mid-pipes that went from the Solo muffler assembly to the Solo Axle Back with flange and that would work well to solve the problem. To do this we would need a bone stock G8 ( exhaust wise ) or alternatively a stock G8 with only the Solo Axle Back on it to do the R&D on in our Toronto store. We would only need the car for one long day. Also here is a suggestion that may help you in your current situation. You can put two resonators in the middle part of your car just behind the skid plate. We have had good success with our MR212S resonators. They would need to be welded in at a shop. Just give me a call if you want to go this way.

Hope this helps

Steve and Jeff
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Thanks guys. I'm aware, I had about 8 different variation of exhaust on the old g8 and now I'm playing around with the new one. I'm learning to weld at the same time lol. I was just mentioning a way to maybe increase the market for you once owners come to that juncture of adding headers with an existing axle back. They do sell well used but if guys can keep them and just add the MR212S or another Solo product all the better right?

In my case I wanted to try something different this go round, it's still in the experimentation phase. I did add some mufflers to the mid section (dyno max 24222), just not sure it's going to be enough. I have not fired it up yet so still unsure.

I wish I was close, I would gladly offer up my G8 for a template on a mid section for you. Anway, it was just a suggestion and I wanted to say thanks for the great products and servce. I have not been happy at all with some of the other vendors but I have to say you guys have been great!
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My G8 is stock and only has the Solo mach shorty cat back. I can probably help if the timing is right.
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So like Morris, I have been on this board a very long time and have followed all of your products. Even have a couple of your shirts that were prizes from G.O.N.E. events. I had SLP axlebacks before the Kooks headers and exhaust setup and kept them for awhile until the drone was driving me crazy. I ended up going back to the stock mufflers but those are just a little too quite. My son has your 3" set-up on his G8 and it is absolutely too load for me. Morris had one solution for you to consider, I have another. Have you ever considered trying to make a drone free axleback with a performance muffler? Even if you had to source the muffler and modify it to add the flanges and j-pipe. I bet that would sell! People would then have a selection of how much noise the axleback made and both would be drone free. There are a lot of people that have headers that need a little more sound dampening than your current axlebacks provide.

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Hey I did say that "axle back that has a mufflers and the J pipes built in" you just said it better.

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probably go with Max Flo mufflers they are cheap and seem to have good reviews from members.......Unless Solo has something I could try. Arm twist BOTH ARMS. Hate to chop up my Solo axle back to do it but such is life for now.

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