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August 2013 G8 Of The Month Winner, Charles!

Congratulations to Charles!

While I would like to say it was a surprise to win this month, others have already called it a massacre. It’s true, it wouldn’t have been possible without support from some of the greatest people I have ever met, my friends at the Florida G8 Car Club www.flg8cc.com. Yes, it’s also true that I may have bribed them with BBQ, but who can blame me? My car is not the fastest, nor does it have the longest list of Mods, but for me, it’s not about all that, it’s about the friends I’ve made. There isn’t a nicer bunch of people that you could ever meet, and I consider them all my family. I’m sure many of you have found the same thing in your local G8 community as well.

Okay, enough of the speech… onto the car

This is a 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP, White Hot, 6 Speed manual. While I have owned this car only a few months, my previous G8 was a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT (Black) that I bought new and put 106,000 miles on her.

Engine and Exhaust: LS3, GMPP Hot Cam 219/228 .525/.525 112 LSA, Rotofab Intake, LS7 MAF with 4” housing, Kook’s LTH, Kook’s HI Flow Cats, Magnaflow ‘hackback’ exhaust.

Tranny: 6 Speed Manual with Mantic Twin Disc Clutch, lightened flywheel (just installed 3 weeks ago, pulled out the McLeod Twin Disk Clutch), and a MGW Short Shifter

Tune: Chris Henry Super-Secret Late night special

Suspension: Pedder’s XA Extreme Coilovers

#1 Radengerie R10’s (3-piece, custom powder coated Titanium gloss) F 20x9 et25 245/35/r20 R 20x10.5 et35 285/30/r20
#2 TSW Donington (Matte Black) F 20x9 et? 255/35/r20 R 20x10.5 et? 285/30/r20
#3 Projekt K3 (polished and gunmetal) F 20x9 et32 245/35/r20 R 20x10.5 et35 285/30/r20

Body Mod’s: Rear window spoiler, Holden Commodore SV6 Taillights (Some pictures show the V6 taillights)

Future Mods? Airbag the Caddy! (Sorry, Pontiac is done for now!)

While some build there G8 for show, others for the straight line, I prefer mine in the corners. In the few months that I have owned her, she has been to an Auto-X (drifted most of the course, and ruined 2 new tires in a day), Dragstrip (12.9 on bald tires, 7 Cylinders, and no tune), and to the “Tail of the Dragon”. I drive my car daily, averaging 27-30k miles a year. She now gets 15mpg (was getting 11mpg).
Dyno Video: http://youtu.be/7kida0c4MDw
Auto-X Video: http://youtu.be/8o5gVMdeSM0
Tail of the Dragon Video: http://youtu.be/WLoUHsWG4Zc

And let's finish off with a Dyno chart, Dyno'd in the rain (Humidity kills HP!) 403whp/397tq
Thanks to everybody!

Congrats from the Mod Staff!

DD: 08 White Hot G8 GT Best E.T. 12.698 @ 109.1 MPH
VMR 20's 4 Wheel 04 CTS-V Brembo's
FE3 & Eibach,
Roto Fab,Doug Thorley LTs Magnaflow
1 of 1,086 2008 White Hot Pontiac G8 GT's

Garage Queen:
09 Stryker Blue G8 GT (No ET Under construction)
TVS1900, GXP 19's, 4 Wheel 09 CTS-V Brembo's
Rotofab, Solo, More to come soon!

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