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Tax Guy
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I bought the silver GT too

I went to the dealership full well expecting to buy either the Stryker Blue or the Liquid Red. There was a silver GT sitting on the dealer floor and it looked great! I wasn't planning on buying silver, because there are just so many silver cars on the road, but it was by far the best color on this car. After an hour of haggling I bought a silver one. VERY happy with my choice.

My daughter hates the color and the car, but hey - she's 13 and pretty much hates everything except her new boyfriend du jour. She wanted me to buy a Jeep.

Now if I could only find a place to put my car through it's paces. I live about a mile away from the police station in my town and it seems that every tenth car on the road is a squad car. They go in and out of the station like a hornets nest that someone threw a rock at (something I've done as a kid). So, I'm biding my time driving nice and slow. Seems like such a waste.
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