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Customer Service

Just wanted to say, I recently got my New Era OTR, and I was not 100% clear on the install and when I put it together the first time I had used the stock radiator mounts instead of pulling them off and letting the intake tilt back. Well as you can see the rubber tubing hardly reaches each component to tighten on them and I figured this was definatly a problem, maybe I had gotten a rubber section cut too short.

So anyways I emailed New Era on Friday night and had quick responses with great support from Mike Frumusa at New Era Sales and Tech Team. We shot a couple emails back and forth on getting this resolved and he explained to me that the intake was the actual new mount of the radiator.

After a 4 minute tweak under the hood and clarification from the New Era team, all is good under the hood. Under 24 hours to get my issues resolved!

I know for me, customer service is one of the biggest things, I personally bought my G8 at the dealership who treated me the best not who gave me the best price, so if you are looking for not only a good product but A+ customer service, New Era Performance definatly has both.

Thank you
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