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Originally Posted by RobertHammen View Post
I got a great deal from Sellers back in May on my old-invoice White Hot G8 GT (Premium/Sport/Sunroof). My only regret was that there was no Bluetooth functionality, since it wasn't a 2009.5 car.

Well, when Sellers offered the Bluetooth upgrade, I immediately let them know I wanted one, and drove from WI to MI to get it done last week Thursday.

I also had their dealership address a number of minor issues (A/C didn't blow super cold, recalls, a dash squeak/rattle, TCM update) at the same time, and they did a top-notch job.

I've been using the heck out of my Bluetooth (in conjunction with my old iPhone 2G - ordering my 3GS this week and I have to say it's awesome. Sounds great and all of the people I've called/have called me on it have reported no issues with hearing me.

Count me as one very happy Sellers/SAS customer (I also have the revamped gauges installed, and they work very, very well). Only problem I have now is that my wife, after driving my GT (and stealing it from me), just got a GXP (also in White Hot, but with the Onyx/Red interior), and she is pissed about the lack of gauges. Looks like I'll be ordering a set the next time they are in stock .

Can you elaborate on the Bluetooth upgrade? I have an April manufactured 2009 G8 GT and only get OnStar when I try to program for Bluetooth via the steering wheel phone button. The Bluetooth you refer to...is it what is going in on the newer '09s or an aftermarket mod? Also, what did it cost to purchase and have installed.

Lastly, what was the cost for the purchase and install of the gauges?

Thanks, Jim
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