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Originally Posted by SellersAutoSport View Post
We are trying to complile a list of changes to help people better understand the MANY changes that were done to the 2009.5MY Vehicles that mostly go unnoticed now but may matter in the future. If you know of a difference that isnt mentioned here please let us know.

Control Systems:
ECM (GT/GXP Share Same New OS)
TCM (GT/GXP Share Same New OS)
BCM (New 09.5 Calibration with many subsystem changes)
IPC (Totally New Hardware/Calibration NOT Compatible with 08/09)
Radio (New Part # for Face and Unit)
VCIM (New Part to add Bluetooth)
Cup Holders Added To Rear Seat Bottom
New Valley Plate/Oil Module for L76
New Timing Chain Tensioner
New Water Pump
New Radiator Hoses
New ECM Mounting Bracket
Additional Two Pup Cats Added to Mid Pipe Section for GT/GXP
Rear fascia retooled for GXP Style Valence (may have happened earlier in 09 not sure)
Any possible elaboration on that?

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