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Originally Posted by Michael09g8 View Post
Did you get it done scottvette93!?? I need to buy the tune from overkill I just never get around to doing it...
So I did it. I'm a novice and so it took 4 hours, two beers, lots of swearing and a few busted fingers, but I swapped it out.

Note: Les, Will, I just couldnt get the blower housing out. Just wouldn't happen.

So here was my process:
Remove the footwell plate, kick plate and side panels on passenger side.
Remove the glove box trim and unscrew 7 screws to detatch glove box, and unhook trunk wires. Unscrew the passenger foot air duct, and unconnect as many wire connectors as you can in the area, you'll need the hand room.

Then unscrew the blower motor and remove. Unscrew and unbolt the blower motor housing. I had to go under the hood to unbolt a 10mm bolt located next to the cabin air filter. This lets you wiggle the housing around a little bit, but was never fully able to remove the blower housing. Then take a 90 screwdriver and unscrew one of the screws holding the black box (with green white & black wire connectors) to the blower housing. That lets you wiggle that around too.

You can see the TCM this whole entire time, but now reach in the gap and slide the lock toward the back of the car and unplug it. Now you'll find the TCM can move around, but is trapped by a thick black wire shield/housing thing. Swear a little and try to yank and move around the blower housing, and everything. I had to bend the big metal tab on the right side for extra room. Grab the wire shield thing and pull it as best you can to yank and pry the TCM under and down the bottom. Phew.

Reward yourself with a drink and reverse the process. It took 3 hours to pull stull apart, 1 to put it back together. Worth it? I think so, I can now get up to like 6600rpm in 1st at about 55mph, which is fun. Shifting feels decently better, but not so much different.

But all in all, Im glad I swapped out the modules. It feels like the car is right out the factory. Swap those modules and send em back for your 175 bucks.

Hope this helps!
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