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Door Speaker Replacement Choices

I'm looking to replace my front and rear door speakers and trying to decide between some choices (or open to other recommendations). I'm basically looking for something that's going to sound good, but it doesn't have to be amazing or competition level or anything.

I've been looking through old posts on here, but not sure which direction I want to go. I was originally thinking of going with 2 ohm speakers, but it seems like there are a lot less options and I'm wondering if with efficient 4 ohm speakers if the volume difference wouldn't be much.

Here are some options I've been looking at:
Infinity Kappa 62.11i


Infinity Ref-6522EX

Polk DB651S


Kicker CS Series

I've read a lot of people go with the Polk's, but I've also seen people say the Infinity are better (but at least the Kappas are more expensive). Also, I believe the fronts are components, right? But it sounds like most people just replace all 4 non-component? Does that require any extra steps/elimination/etc. in the front?

I'm sure a lot has changed over time for what's even available or what might be new now, so that's another reason I wanted to check if anyone has any recent experience/advice?

Thanks for any advice or recommendations.
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