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JBL GX series (2.3 ohms)
JBL GTO series (2.5 ohms)
PowerBass L2-652 (2 ohms)

Those were my top choices.
I just ordered 2 pairs of JBL GX speakers.
They come with 2 pairs of sound deadener for the doors.
Got that from SonicElectronix.com.

I tried to install my AudioControl LC2i today to run an amp and other subs.
I tapped into the wires at the stock subs as I was swapping polarity at the
same time I was there. Something is NOT right. Now my stock subs arent
playing, and the aftermarket signal is minimal at best. By the time I get
any bass through the subs from the amp, the LC2i freaks out, and power
starts to flicker as if my sub is shorting out. Will go back to drawing board
after all new speakers come in.
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