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Thanks for all the replies.

I was getting ready to get the Infinity Kappa 62.11i's on Amazon but it looks like they sold out since I originally asked. I did find some on EBay for a decent price so may go with that.

Before I do that though I was looking at Crutchfield and it's saying that they won't fit because of the magnet diameter and mounting height being a little too big. Did anyone else have any issues with that on these speakers? Or if you used a different model, do you remember what the model was?

I also looked up the newer Infinity Kappa 62IX's and it's saying the same issue about not fitting (same sizes as the 62.11i). For the front door it also says the cutout is like 0.01" too small, but I'm betting that part is probably doable just not sure about the magnet diameter and mounting height.

Anyone know if these will fit? And if so if there will be issues? I actually just checked Infinity's website and it says they won't fit either, but I was thinking I read other people not have issues?

It also looks like the 62.11i's (older model) are 2 ohm vs. 2.7 ohm so I might prefer them.

Alternatively does anyone have any experience or opinions on the Infinity reference?

I was also looking at the JBL GTO series and the specs looked pretty good, but on their website I could only find 3 ohm mentioned instead of 2.5. Their website was also advertising it as "true 4 ohm technology", but I would prefer 2 I think so not sure about going for them.

Thanks again for any advice. I'm hoping to pull the trigger on ordering some today to have in time for the weekend, but just trying to make up my mind haha
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