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Thanks for the info.

I was looking on Crutchfield and it looks like the magnet size on the 62.11i and 62IX is bigger than the 62.9i. I'm not sure which model Steve had, but is that why it fit for J Wikoff but not Steve? Or was it more related to depth or cutout size or something else?

Or I might just go with the Polks since it sounds like they are pretty good, too. If so then the middle speaker would be too loud in comparison right? And so I would need to either replace with a 4 (or more) ohm speaker, disconnect it altogether or do the resistor mod, right?

Between the Polk DB 651S, Infinity Reference, JBL GTO, and Kicker CS are they all pretty much in the same league? Or any reason to go for one (or avoid one) over the others?
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