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Originally Posted by BronxxBombers213 View Post
these are not my instructions, someone posted it up on the facebook. In this photo, the Holden logo is where the car normally goes. These units are apparently universal to many cars made by a company called phoenix here in the U.S.... the original poster here below said he got the instructions from a tundra forum

"To have a different 'home page image' than the 3 cars built in (like how I have the Holden logo) you need to create a 740px * 313px PNG file with transparent background. Name it ZXWLOGO.png and using the built in file explorer copy it from a usb to the sdcard folder. Then reboot the head unit."

So, if you want to use a photo of your car, you will need to use photoshop or another similar program to create a file in the above size, drop in a photo of your car you want to use, "cut out" your car, delete the background, and save it as a PNG file.

I am thinking of doing mine with an Arrowhead or the "Pontiac G8" logo with the silhouette of the car
Thanks, saw it last night and I'm adding to the FAQ of the doc that was posted: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...08tMvHlvMeDRWU

*edit* - Needs approval for original creator, Excelsior (Kevin P)

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