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Originally Posted by ThickRicc View Post
I need to change the oil on my tvs2300 but I can't even see the plug since it's at the back of the unit, do I have to take off the big wiper cowl piece from the vehicle to be able to access the plug? I don't understand how people are doing the oil change on these things.
Why do you need to change the oil?

According to Magnuson it doesn't require any service for at least 80,000 miles or up to 120k miles depending on how you drive the car.

Just curious.

They list two ways to do it...remove the bolt from the rear nose and use a syringe with a hose to remove as much oil as you can...measure and replace with the exact same amount plus a tiny bit more.

Or yank the blower and turn it up on it's end to let the oil drain, and replace with the required amount for your model.
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