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Originally Posted by MGMGXP View Post
A nice GXP is mid $20's and a nice SS is @ $10k more, right? I agree with your assessment of styling and tech. If I were buying now I would go SS. Debadge and black out the chrome. Resist the temptation to put ghey Holden lions all over it.
The Magnetic ride feature and heads up display are the two options that I am really attracted to. Have all electric seats and seat memory features also are very desireable. Lane departure, back up camera, parking assist and everything else I don't really care about. The seats in the SS do look a bit nicer.

Yeah, I think I will go with the SS. I have seen a Holden conversion driving around once and it didn't look too bad. I honestly don't see the point as most people think an SS is just another Chevy Malibu and no one would know what the heck a Holden is.

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