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A few things to note:

-You asked if, when increasing timing, you need to adjust fuel or spark. "Timing" is the timing of the spark relative to the piston at a top dead center position, and one or two degrees of timing will not have any noticeable impact on your AFR.

-If you lost your MAP sensor from a broken wire and you're running combination SD/MAF fueling, it should fall back to MAF only and trigger a DTC. This shouldn't have caused pinging unless your MAF table is way, way off and you're running open loop, which could let you run extremely lean. For a daily driver, I would typically suggest running closed loop (I do it even with my mods).

-Backing timing off one or two degrees from a point where it's audible means you're still on borrowed time and likely have a ton of knock that you're just not hearing. 16 degrees of KR may not be audible, but will kill a ton of power. It may have already largely learned toward to the low octane table due to the knock levels, which could explain the flat feeling.

It sounds to me like it needs a proper retune. Good luck.

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