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Originally Posted by whatnext View Post
Originally Posted by GTRenegade911 View Post
The stock setup is not the best indeed, especially at highway speeds. Seems like the brakes are jumping a bit and aren't as grippy as they should be.

I think I'm gonna get the highest quality AC Delco Rotors + Hawk HPS Pads + Russell Stainless Lines. Now that should be an improvement.

Tell us how you find the Bendix! Seems like a good product and may get those instead of Hawks. Hawks are so dusty.
I’ll post up how the Bendix pads work for me. Just want to point out Turboner has run the HPS pads on another car and says when they are cold they don’t grip and he almost crashed because of that. He also said the Bendix police pads are dusty like the Hawks.
Yea if you go with hawks, the HP+ are great cold and for mild lapping days. With a whole lotta dust. Performance wise however the bendix Police pads feel the same with the same dust. Used them sunday to slow from 200kph to 100kph and the grabbed hard all the way no fade.
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