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I'm back! WhoTF are all you people?

Damn, I guess I oughta' check in more often. You develop other interests, and when you check back in it's like there's been a junta. Did ya'll gather all the guys I knew, march them out and execute them or what? Anyway, I'm still here, still have the MGM, 83K, still driven once a week, to church, spoiling for a race all the way there and back, STILL can't get those Philistines in their 5.0's to race. Best car I ever bought. Original owner. Still not a leak anywhere. Still a hint of leather and new car smell...I SWEAR! Never had to take it back to the dealer when in warranty. Other than the headers/intake/tune, she is exactly like she sat when I drove her off the lot. Same fluids. (Did change the spark plugs though.) And she is still a national record holder and always will be. That's the main reason I never installed all those parts I've been buying over the last ten years. BUT...that is about to change...it's on:
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2009 MGM GT: VCM CAI, ARH LT headers (no cats), Vector Tune, MT drag radials
Procharger D1SC still powering the box it came in January 2010, hiding somewhere in the back of my man cave.
PB: 12.533 @ 111.45 w/ 1.951 60' CLAIMING THE INTAKE/LT/TUNE/DR RECORD

"There are but three true sports...mountain climbing, bull fighting, and motor racing. The rest are merely games." Ernest Hemmingway

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