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That rear wing/spoiler thingy needs to be reduced in size by at least 50%, but only if they want to be taken seriously. As is, its perfect for a boy racer (ricer). Exhaust tips appear to be simple downward bent tube, hardly keeping with current styles, but is in keeping with what the original was like. I like the front a lot more than the Limpfinger. A good blend of the old and new. And of course, something needs to be done about the interior, (on both of them) especially the dash. The more I see that interior, the more I dislike it. Too bad GM doesn't have enough insight, and a styling department, to come up with something like this! Oh, but that's right,......I'm just an enthusiast. We don't count for anything! Its the "average citizen" that matters today! You know, the ones that buy all the cheap "crap boxes"!
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