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Originally Posted by zepcom View Post

Not to burst your bubble, but there are many 2009.1 owners out there (still) looking for integrated onstar bluetooth (me included), and I am afraid that this "unauthorized mod" has ran it's course.

I think GM/Onstar got privy to what some were doing, even if they were "greening" the units to allow for them to be re-associated with a new VIN, and GM administratively "fixed the loophole" and locked the door. Weather it's GM's financial instability or scarcity of parts or new policies put into place, I have not heard of any recent "conversions" that have been successful.

I'm waiting too, but I'm afraid that as time goes on, the chance of getting this mod is lower and lower.

Well that sucks, I was thinking a ride to MI would be cool just a stupid excuse to go on a ride. CAI and Onstar. woo hoo ohhh nooo!

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