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The Confusion Sets in

Sorry if this is redundant question...did a few searches and info doesn't seem to clear. If its up there a quick thread with links would be helpful. Too bad there is no sticky with " what works, what power, what options on motor builds"

I recently bought a lower mileage G8 gt. bone stock ....was a "princess" car that was ironically replace by a "younger new model princess" by the previous owner.

It hurts to pump her up with Mods but since I see no real value gain in keeping it all goes:
I have an LSA/ZL1 OEM supercharger(minus fuel ramps/injectors) sitting in a box. missing a few things, i know, but not a huge expense ratio-to-power gain. (injectors/belt drive/cooler sytem)

After a bit of reading on this forum, I was under the impression that I needed to DOD delete first and then go from there to SC

After a bit more reading on hptuners forum ....seems some are installing the blower on motors still on original G8 DOD cam? WTF?
Went to talk to my local tuner shop for advise.... and got little to no help... he seemed very short in his answers and almost bothered (in his defense...he had just done a dyno run with a car- from the stench in the air- and the fact that he was sitting in car with laptop and vcm scanner open on the screen)

So gonna ask the real knowledge bank....and who knows G8 better than this forum!
Should I really do a DOD delete and cam the engine. I do like a little lope ....or nice cammed sound.

What CAM would be the best (btw, I was repeatedly told not to get ls9 cam as it is not real good... even if cheap).

Specific grinds suggestions would be helpful. I don't care about HP numbers in the unusable jet speed rpms. I want grunt! Tire blistering torque where it counts to move the car off the line. Lets face it .... hp numbers might sound great but aren't all that great if they steal from the low end.... I realize tuned cheaper, lighter BMWs will out accelerate this car but I bought this car as a last of 4 door real muscle car (american powered).....
Any specific cams i should look at and if possible some dyno runs to see actual torque /hp curves.
or should I not bother with a cam and drop the supercharger on with a software DOD delete?
I see some claims of 425, 450HP+ on all motor car and then I see numbers like 500, 525 all the way up to 600+ on SC setups.I figure SC setup =driveability is better mannered and likely better with fuel economy (if that even maters)

I will be updating to a zli/lsa converter as i need to replace my rear main anyways (small leak).

And at what HP point do i need to go to a dual ctsv-zl1 fuel pump? If SC is stock? or NOW to feed the bigger injectors
I know long post.... so many questions
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where are you located? Might be some local help around.

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1. DOD delete in conjunction with a PD friendly cam. No shame in the LS9, especially if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of horsepower for o.e. idle and drivability. Great time to do the converter, RMS, headers also.
2. Fuel system. V pumps, Vaporworx controller and 850 injectors. JMS booster and/or meth can be added later if needed.
3. LSA blower with appropriate pullies given SBE, and cooling mods. Trunk tank and a big pump.

Done correctly you will be 600+ rwhp with o.e. levels of NVH and drivability.

Of course we haven't talked brakes, suspension, wheels/tires etc...
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I'm in a similar boat , I replaced my G8 with a low mileage 38K (62km) virgin last year. I have researched the DOD and blower combo. It is possible but you need the NEW style LOAM. Our original one will not fit under the blower. Our stock cam has similar lift and few more deg of duration than the LSA cam. The LS9 is perfect if you want to do DOD but you must upgrade to the new Delphi lifter to be able to handle the greater lift of .558". Springs with DOD shouldn't exceed 300# open pressure. a safe spring is the 105# seat pressure. Comp Cams or PAC cover that. If you are keeping the stock pulley then a drop in pump like the Deatch Werks DW300
model 9-307-1026 it has the same filter and regulator provision built in. A smaller pulley will need more pump and injectors. Yes the LS9 cam leaves HP on the table.

But if you reach 600 HP , does it matter?

'09 PBM GT. #2 "Time to start modding again"
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thanks all for the replies.
The DOD delete seems more necessary every day- trucks are coming into dealership with collapsed lifters at record pace. True they are gen5 engines- but parts I believe are all the same (lifters).

As much as i like the price of the ls9 cam (especially with my GM employee discount)... i just dont feel right about losing hp/torque under the curve or moving it into an area that I seldom go. (or want to go anyways)
What about a: (BTR) Stage 1 LSA PDS with ls7 lifters.
Maybe a set of roller rockers? or at least a trunnion upgrade? springs naturally: There is actually a "kit":
BTR Stage I LSA P.D.S. (Positive Displacement Supercharger) Camshaft Kit Includes:

BTR Platinum Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers (.660" lift, Part Number: SK001) Including Valve Seals
BTR LS Chromoly 7.400" Long 5/16" Diameter Pushrods
Stage I Camshaft Specs (CM32338206): 223/238 .610"/.585" 120+6

These camshafts have a 3-bolt timing gear pattern.

While on subject of rockers- any advantage to going 1.8 with this setup or will the valves hit pistons with this much cam lift

Or maybe just get cam and everthing else (spring retainers, PR) OEM GM. (pricing will tell)

Timing chain upgrade ..... and then strap on the zl1 supercharger. (still need to figure out injectors # but a zl1 fuel pump is likely the best price I can get.

Sounds OK?.... I'll leave the headers for later on.
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I ran a LS7 cam on my car until I did the BTR PDS 2 a year ago. The LS7 has slightly less lift to work with the upgraded ratio rockers of a LS9 cam but other then that, they are nearly similar from what I remember.

If money is a problem then by all means do a LS9 cam, they can be had used for $50 from the ZR1 guys. Since you would have to pull heads to do lifters for DoD delete might as well do a real cam though. If you are looking at a BTR cam, just do the stage 2 or even stage 3, supposedly the 3 has some push against it though but is all up to the tuning from what I've read.

The thing you will need to figure out is the fuel delivery, and MGM is on point. Vaporworx setup is slick and the V pump is simple and reliable and can be upgraded easily to work with Vaporworx to supply more then enough fuel for what the LSA can support.

Be prepared to look at doing a brake upgrade, you'll find your needle moves up in speed faster then it can slow down with an LSA.

I've done the whole gambit of dynoing with the LSA with each change really and other then having a good starting # with the LS7, my numbers are below. I haven't made any runs with my new Interchiller setup and the added timing from that. Only other thing I'm lacking is a 2" primary header and 3" exhaust, currently running a Pacesetter 1 3/4 and 2.5" magnaflow setup.

For reference on my build -
LS7 cam, bolt-ons + LSA = 515whp
LS7 cam, bolt-ons + LSA, vaporworx/vsetup = 535whp
LS7 cam, bolt-ons + LSA, vaporworx/vsetup, 5" intake = 560whp
LS7 cam, bolt-ons + LSA, vaporworx/vsetup, 5" intake, 2.55" pulley = 614whp
BTR PDS 2 Cam, bolt-ons + LSA, vaporworx/vsetup, 5" intake, 2.55" pulley = 643whp
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Thanks for all the info.
The more i think the more I'm leaning toward the btr stage 2 pds. (I want a bit more pronounced cam lope over stock)....but still retain a very driveable vehicle.
I also looked into the livernois: POWERSTORM LS STAGE 2 L92 BLOWER CAMSHAFT (only about 20$ more)- seems equivalent and I do like the idea that they also work with OEM build instalations.
Unfortunately ....unlike in the 80's where there was a hp and torque curve graph so one was able to somewhat compare cams... one I guess has to sort of guess.
I like the numbers of that ls7 cam too. but I want my power down low too (don't want to rob my under the curve to get high rpm high number only )and i can't figure out which cam is best for that.
With all this added work (dod delete incl cam..lifters,pushR, v-springs, fuel upgrade,brakes (have) and suspension) I'm also debating as weather to do cam now and wait till winter to install the blower. are any of these cams workable in NA? I assume the ls7 is best.....
go the other route..... just software delete dod, install flat vlom or blockoff and just blower first.
Any opinions?
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I ran the LPE GT9 cam NA for almost 2 years. Ran 11.8's at 117 with it. Was planning to go Heartbeat but got jerked off by Livernois. Worked out for the best though because I ended up going with AGP and their TT kit. I'd avoid Livernois as their pricing, marketing, etc. are over the top.
If you want the lope, do the BTR stage 2 PD cam and be done with it.
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