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Originally Posted by zepcom View Post
If you're talking about SOLO, the J-pipes would serve no function since they target the drone frequency of the L76 engine.

If you're considering other brands, usually from my experience when you put a v8 exhaust muffler on a v6, it sounds like a tin can. In other words, not very good. There may be exceptions, but on average, look for a v6 axleback.

Don't do it ! lol. At least in the case of SOLO. They have the V6 axle backs that look and sound good, why even bother with a v8?

Coming from experience, as I had the v8 put on, they are horrible on a V6, honestly I would stay away from it, as they are developed to sound good, or reasonably good on the v8, the v6 has different harmonics.

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