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Why all the deals?

I'm a new member who's been lurking for about a month now. I'm going to be in the market for a new car soon, and I sort of have my heart set on a G8. I'm the type of buyer Pontiac had in mind for these cars - I've never owned an American car, but this is one that will bring me back. I love the looks, performance, and value. As for my question...

I'm kind of concerned about how many I see for sale! Why all the deals?? It seems like a lot of people, even enthusiasts are this forum, are eager to unload these cars. And a lot of the cars have really low mileage, indicating that they didn't own them long or drive them much. This has me a little worried - what do they know that I don't know?? Seems like people are lowering prices, and even entertaining the thought of selling it directly to a dealer at a reduced price. Why is this? I know the gas mileage isn't great with these, and I'm OK with that. Is there anything else that makes these cars really hard to live with?

Seriously - I'd love to hear G8 owner's thoughts on this.

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