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I was just searching online for used G8 GTs and found that most low mileage G8s were going for around 28,000...I've seen some way low, some way too high. But overall it seems the GTs are holding their value...and this is after a pretty good search (I was bored)

I love the fact that we financed $21,500 for our G8 GT, the rest was dealer incentives and a down payment from my wife's 2006 G6 GTP coupe (still a nice looking car, they messed it up after that year, with that stupid wing and big nose)

We owe less than $17k on it, and could probably turn around and sell it for 10k more given the right buyer and mods to it....I am not boasting. I am very blessed I came upon the G8 in summer 2009 when it was the "fire sale" and plus my dad is GM retired...

2009 G8 GT, Volant CAI, Solo Mach Balanced Cat-Back system-SOLD, goodbye old friend
Appearance- Red calipers, GXP diffuser installed, 20% tinted windows
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