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I bought my GT in November and I have zero intention of offloading it anytime soon. This is only the second car I've ever owned, and while I have a good job and could technically afford something more expensive, paying off student loans is more of a priority and when it comes to balancing price and performance, nothing beats the G8.

I payed $23,000 CAD for mine with 47,000 Km on it. I just did a quick browse of autotrader.ca and in Ontario it looks like most GT's with around that mileage are averaging high 20's. This car is definitely holding it's value.

I think something to consider is that the majority of the kind of people who would buy G8's are automotive enthusiasts of some sort or another. People like that tend to play with different cars, buy one, drive it for a while, try something else. If anything I think the fact G8's are still selling for what they are is an indicator of how awesome this car is.

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