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November G8OTM Winner, Christiancoach!

Christiancoach's SS-V

Thanks to everyone for voting for my car for Ride of the Month!
My car is the most complete Holden Commodore SSV replica in North America. The build of my car is pretty well documented and I think most of you know it. So instead of re-hashing what you might already know, I thought I would share a bit about where I am going with the car.
Many of you know that Vector Motorsports built 7.0 Liter LS3 that laid down 584 on the engine dyno. The motor was built for forced induction, and at some point in the future it will be topped with a TVS2300 or a Procharger. The current setup is stupid fast, but I just can't resist! Once I go with Forced Induction I will need quite a few supporting mods that will include a fuel system, hardened tranny, beefed up rear end, and axles.
Another major upgrade I am working on is to move to a much larger brake setup. Wortec or Brembo are on my shopping list. After a scary moment on a high speed run a couple months ago, this is a top priority for me.
I have some big plans for the interior as well. I am planning to go with a red and black leather interior based on the HSV GTS interior, but I have something unique in mind that no one else has done yet.
I am planning some major electronic upgrades as well, including more gauges, video, backup camera, and a touch screen.
I don't want to give everything away, but the future of my car could include some very different things like more cargo space, a couple more subwoofers, and some Walky goodies!

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