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December G8 of the month winner, Steve GT!

Congratulations to Steve GT!!

Here's what Steve GT said about his ride:

I bought the car brand new in mid-2009 and intended to leave it stock and enjoy it as-is. After 2,000 miles, I ordered a Rotofab CAI and a tune. The car felt stronger with those mods, so I started reading up about headers and thought that would be the next logical mod so I ordered a set of Doug Thorley Tri-Ys. After the header install, I decided to drive an hour and a half to the track one weekend and was hooked after my first pass. After that, I wanted to make more power to run a better time so I ordered a cam, dod delete kit and a Yank 3200 torque converter. With only 5,000 miles on the car, KK Performance in Little Rock, AR installed my cam and torque converter along with the DOD delete kit. Once the car was cammed, I was ready to get back to the track. After a few rain-outs I finally got to run it but was disappointed in my times. I realized I needed drag radials at this point so I ordered a set of Nitto NT-05Rs. Still unhappy with my times, I bought a set of GTO spares with M&H front runners. The car did ok at the track, but still wasn't good enough in my eyes and didn't put down the numbers I was hoping for. I switched out the DT Tri-Ys for a set of Kooks 1 7/8" headers and mid-pipes as well as a FAST LSXR 102 intake but still wasn't happy. At this point, I discussed my options with Patrick Guerra of Victoria, TX. We decided to go with a custom cam to his specs. I told him I didn't care how the car idled or drove and that I only wanted to go fast. He worked up a custom grind for me and after waiting a bit it finally arrived along with new pushrods that were required to run the cam. The cam was installed by a friend of mine and I and I was able to help and learn from the install. Once back to the dyno to have the car retuned by Patrick, I was happy to see the car made 444 RWHP and 389 RWTQ. Now that I was happy with the power level, it was time to work on appearance. BC Racing Coilovers were ordered to get rid of the stock 4x4 look. The car ended up being lowered about 2" in the front and 2 1/2" in the rear from stock. Now that the car was low enough, it was time for wheels to set it off. I was fortunate enough to buy a set of CCW SP510s that just happened to come off of the fastest G8 in the country. With the addition of the apperance mods, I consider the car "complete" so I plan to enjoy it as it is a great all around car and a blast to drive.

My G8 is one of the best cars I've ever owned and I feel honored that it was voted as the "G8 of the Month".

The mod list is as follows:

Pat G Custom Cam
DOD Delete
Kooks 1 7/8" Headers with 3" X-pipe
Yank 3200 Torque Converter
Fast 102 LSXR Intake
Rotofab Intake
GXP Diffuser
Dyno tune by Pat G
BC Racing Coilovers
CCW SP510 Wheels - 19x9 front, 19x10.5 rear

2009 MGM G8 GT, Premium / Sport Package, 20% Tint
Gone, but not forgotten

246 R

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