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[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Magnacharged g8gt
Best after Maggie [email protected] 115.33w/1.74 60ft (best 60ft 1.63) 11/6/10
after maggie 7.58 @ 92.1 w/1.66 60ft
eibach prokit, Ctsv/Camaro Brake Setup
Sport Edition Staggered 20's (sold)
20" Staggered Lorenzo's WL032 (black
20x9.5's and 20x8.5's wrapped with Sumitomo htr 3's
Kook mid tubes w/cats, stock rear
456rwhp 450 rwtq After Cog drive est 500 rwhp
Winner Fastest G8 LSX Challenge 2010 LSX Shootout
I'm a Custom Wheel and Tires Specialist
Painted by Joey Myers
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