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Thanks for the votes and compliments everyone, really appreciate them!

Originally Posted by CazG8GT View Post
Congrats. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I have a black '09 GT and have just starting customizing it. Looks like you lowered it and have beefed up the tires. Can you share any details?

It's a beauty! Did you have it repainted or is it original paint? I've bought mine new and with only 12,500 miles, i still have some road rash on the front.

Fantastic and thanks!


Yes, the car is lowered with BC Racing coilovers. The total drop is about 2" in the front and a little over 2" in the rear. The wheels and tires are CCW SP510s. The fronts are 19x9 with 255/35/19 tires and the rears are 19x10.5 with 285/30/19 tires.

The car has the original paint from GM; however, I have spent a lot of time with the Adam's Detailing system and it has paid off as I get compliments on the paint all the time.

Your car sounds nice, best of luck modifying it to your liking!

Originally Posted by Qwk View Post
Gorgeous G8!! More pics and details!!!
Mod list is as follows:

Pat G Custom Spec EPS Cam
Yank 3200 Torque Converter
Kooks 1 7/8" Headers with 3" Catted X Pipe
FAST 102 LSXR Intake
Rotofab CAI
Street and Dyno Tuned by Pat G
BC Racing Coilovers
V6 Taillights
CCW SP510 Wheels
5mm hubcentric spacers all around

Car made 444/389 on the dyno and is good for low 12s on street tires. I will run it on drag radials and front runners soon and I'm hoping for consistent 11s.

Here are some more pictures of the car

Pat G Custom Cam, Yank 3200 Torque Converter, Kooks 1 7/8" Headers, FAST 102 LSXR, and a Rotofab Intake. Tuned by Pat G.
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