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The Yeti
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Originally Posted by TXG8GXP View Post
Congrats Yeti!
Thanks Bro!

Originally Posted by TCorzett View Post
Congrats! You're really making me realize I need to step-up my game and get appearance mods.

All your appearance mods are under the hood and the chassis. Throw some tint and some rims on that girl!

LSA, Pat G DOD cam, RCR TB, 4.5IN Intake/MAF,
CNC LS3 Heads, OBX,
H&Rs, Konis, BMR, Brembos, Slotted/Drilled Rotors
3.27 Gears, 2600 Stall, ZL1 pump, Ice tank
Tuned By Pat G and Luis at RPM Speed Center

Bolt ons Street tires
[email protected] 60ft 1.96 Da 700ft

Cam no stall Street tires
[email protected] 60ft 1.75 Da -200

[email protected] 60ft 1.66 DA 400ft

Zex 125shot
[email protected] 60ft 1.83 DA 2000ft
second gear launch

LSA 1/4???

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