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The thing with mids is that they're targeted at the price point to be cheaper than LT's, but with near stock fitment replacement of stock manifolds and stock cats. Moreover, the way Kooks fabricates their mids, it's one integrated design of mids+cats, not individual pieces.

If you're dead set on stinkymode no-cats (people behind you or when your car is idling will smell a sulpher-like smell that is somewhat unpleasant. Those are the harmful emissions that normal cats and HFC's filter out with heat and chemicals embedded in a ceramic substrate) then there's no reason NOT to go LT's. I have LT's with HFC's myself, and it's not stinky. No clearance issues, as you can see from this picture, my LT's are just about parallel to the frame rail.

Honestly, I know your car is tighter and lowered, so your concerns with LT's is valid. Especially with speed bumps or steep driveways.

My lowest point on the car is actually the cats themselves, not the LT's... but I've never scraped or hit them that I am aware of, and I don't let anyone else drive my car.

Kooks LT's with the off-road midpipe (read: no cats) would not give you any clearance issues I would think if installed properly. Plus not to mention all that newfound power!!

Your choice might be "mids with cats" OR LT's without cats. You'll get better results from LT's, but at that time, time to ditch the Superchips.

Anyways, subscribed to see how this develops, good luck on your quest, SRG.

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