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I hadn't seen those pictures before, I thought they were fused into one unit with the cats integrated.

At least you could see if you could take them apart and sell "brand new Kooks HFCs" on the forum, if there's a demand for them?

It all comes down to how much your budget is (gotcha, not much!) and how much you trust your exhaust shop to fab something up to meet your needs. A couple of flanges, a bender for the angle for the off-road pipe, labor to install, etc.

Also worth mentioning is that long tube headers are not as expensive as everyone makes them out to be... I got mine "jet-hot" 2100-degree sterling silver coated and shipped direct for a bit under a thousand back last year. If you're looking to spend $350 that's still way too expensive, but at least we can keep the "for Kooks LT's you're at least spending 1200-1500 bucks" ... simply not true.

Good luck on your quest. I wonder if possibly calling Kook's customer service line might raise possibility if you can buy the mids sans cats or not.

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