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  1. My Kooks/Corsa experience
  2. Removing Stock Gt AxleBacks
  3. Questions
  4. new tips on stock mufflers
  5. any difference between GT and GXP exhaust manifolds
  6. exhaust ?
  7. Headers finally installed!
  8. Does this look right?
  9. My racing muffler setup...
  10. super 44 FM or SLP powerflo???
  11. Adding J-Pipes
  12. Install GXP Muffler
  13. Questions regarding V8 to V6 exhaust
  14. Solo AB vs Loudmouth
  15. what's the option for a sound as OEM ?
  16. Clearing Up the Myth About High Flow Catalytic Converters
  17. Pace Setter LTs - slight leak?
  18. Ticking from headers
  19. RUMBLE GRUMBLE - G8 exhaust install article
  20. Maryland speed SLP tips vs. SLP axle-back tips?
  21. Borla Catback + Rotofab CAI Video
  22. Alternative to Solo HFC?
  23. axle backs and x-pipe with mid-pipe delete done!!!
  24. Is this normal?
  25. SLP Loudmouths ,mid muffler deleted but keeping the resonators
  26. How long did you wait?
  27. SOLO Mach Balanced mounted, installed, pics
  28. OBX installed...
  29. Video of my exhaust
  30. Plug wires with Pacesetters?
  31. SLP LT Headers
  32. Corsa Rain Solution?
  33. OBX Headers arrived!
  34. gutting cats and or..
  35. Rusted Axle Backs! :(
  36. Solo Axle Back J Pipe Setting
  37. Another good muffler deal...
  38. How high temp coating is needed for headers?
  39. Best type of exhaust clamp?
  40. Modding Solo AB?
  41. Pacesetter Header Question
  42. Tried to get the Maxflows done today...
  43. Exhaust tip clean up
  44. full kooks system vs Pacesetter LT's and solo axle backs
  45. Which headers to get....
  46. No more Doug Thorley for G8
  47. check engine light after header install
  48. Muffler question???
  49. My g8 new exhaust set up idle and pics?
  50. Header Time!
  51. pacesetter connector piece.
  52. X-Force Exhaust System
  53. Anybody from Houston,tx know where a good exhaust shop for g8's?
  54. The fix for "sagging" aftermarket mid-pipes that rub the tunnel brace
  55. Part Question
  56. LTHs Install and results
  57. Deadening question
  58. Shorty BBK headers installed!
  59. Exhaust questions on my new to me GT
  60. What headers are you running?
  61. MLV/Dynamat to reduce exhaust in-cabin noise. (Not a drone issue)
  62. OBX axle backs???
  63. steering shaft trouble
  64. header studs
  65. Wierd Mileage Question
  66. Which Magnaflow Tru-X for Kooks mid-pipe?
  67. no cats = dirty tips, how to keep clean?
  68. Longtubes,catless,xpipe,solo axleback+no tune?!
  69. Finally Done!...for this year...
  70. OBX headers/X-pipe
  71. Exhaust tooo Quiet!
  72. Solo Mach Balanced
  73. Kooks catted xpipe & catback ???
  74. kooks mids with hfc
  75. Solo axle back w/ X-pipe (Reso vs. Non-Reso)
  76. ASAP: TQ spec for KOOK LT's
  77. Good Exhaust Shop
  78. Nothing but problems since long tube header install!
  79. ssclones website problems anyone else?
  80. Just installed X-Pipe. Replaced resonators instead of mid-muffler. Opinions?
  81. New sound!
  82. Which axle back system should I go with.
  83. solo hfcs throwing code, lets discuss
  84. 1 7/8 LT and 3" cat back minus axle backs
  85. stock exhaust
  86. Need some options on exhaust set up?
  87. Question to GT'S in Michigan
  88. Question about replacing mid muffler and resonators
  89. Maganaflow axleback - Questions please
  90. Pacesetter lts
  91. Differences in the solos systems??
  92. Will this combo work?
  93. Solo vs. Corsa
  94. DMH Cutout Owners Step Inside
  95. Hi Flo Solo Cat Installed
  96. Finally Mufflers I can live with!!!
  97. Measuring Help
  98. More sound
  99. Hooker Max flo's on!!
  100. Dipstick routing with Doug Thorley headers
  101. I Need More Cowbell (sound)...What Axle Backs with ARH LT System?
  102. Putting Cats back on?
  103. SLP Loudmouth vid
  104. would this corza muffler work
  105. Bending exhaust tubing?
  106. My Exhaust Upgrades
  107. Cold Start Video (Corsa Catback/ Off Road Connecting Pipe/ Kooks Long Tube)
  108. 12469 Magnaflow X pipe 3" ?
  109. Looking For A Good Set Off Cutouts..
  110. Solo HFC Packing Blow!?
  111. Stock catback bolts?
  112. need advice on exhaust
  113. Corsa or Solo with Kooks Shortys?
  114. Best xpipe?!
  115. no cats bad for your health?
  116. Band Clamp or Weld?
  117. Got a new set of muffs- great price!
  118. SOLO Mach Shorty or Mach Shorty Balanced?
  119. Which Magnaflow is this?
  120. Easiest add cheapest way to add a little growl
  121. Anyone know about black tips?
  122. Recieved My LTs and X pipe today!
  123. Help? Trying to install a Kooks system
  124. Oval Tips?
  125. Keep mid-muff, delete reso's, add x-pipe
  126. Kooks Mid length with HFC or Solo HFC
  127. New exhaust
  128. SLP loudmouth vs. slp superflo
  129. Stuck on exhaust choice
  130. Which Mufflers with ARH 1 7/8 headers
  131. Question for owners with Kooks Mids.
  132. Solo exhaust
  133. Header selection and Volume
  134. GXP X-Pipe questions
  135. Camaro aftermarket headers fit a G8?
  136. pacesetter with kooks mid pipe
  137. Kooks, Solo HFCS, Solo Mach
  138. Cut Mufflers?
  139. Kooks X-pipe: cats vs catless
  140. Right and Left Solo HFC's What's what?
  141. The internet was right!! J pipes work!
  142. Electric cut out durability question
  143. Pacesetter or Doug Thorley headers? Experiences
  144. Input on magnaflow axle back 16883 on GXP
  145. Ly7 Header Option Possible Turbo Manifolds Designing
  146. Exhaust port size??
  147. Header Coating
  148. Big singles? Or Quads?
  149. Stock GT Mufflers w/x-Pipe?
  150. Header question. Kooks Mids or SLP Longtubes
  151. Solo's installed
  152. Rusted axleback flanges
  153. Volume vs Performance
  154. Need some help with exhaust
  155. SLP L.T with highflow cats & magnaflow catback #16795
  156. Pace Setter headers vibration/buzzing issue
  157. Xpipe installed
  158. dmh cutout owners ,have a few questions
  159. Got my Pacesetter Long Tubes Installed
  160. Is a x-pipe res-delete and Solo axle-backs legal in Texas?
  161. SLP Powerflow
  162. Wow
  163. Header confusion
  164. Kooks Mids to Pacesetter LT's
  165. GXP w/ SLP Headers and stock mufflers.
  166. kooks mids question
  167. Solo hi flow cat issues
  168. SLP Headers/Corsa catback
  169. Magnaflow race muffler?
  170. Question about H pipes and X pipes
  171. GXP exhaust question
  172. Custom Exhaust or manufactured exhaust?
  173. Pacesseter long tubes, Xpipe, kooks axle back
  174. No drone/pop Axle backs?
  175. Lost some low end torque
  176. Magnaflow 12468 or SOLO J-Pipes?
  177. DIY axle back project
  178. Service bulletin for all 6.0-6.2 owners
  179. OBX header and catback system reviews?
  180. Gain from cat delete?
  181. HFC( Print out instructions for dealership)
  182. Wichita Cat Backs
  183. Doug Thorley LT owners step in!!
  184. Installed Solo axle backs this weekend
  185. New solo axel backs
  186. Cam with exhaust cutouts or without?
  187. Coating inside of headers
  188. Need opinions
  189. un-tuned headers and MPGs
  190. Xpipe Install Quote? Too Expensive?
  191. Exhaust and engine accoustics for asthetics and performance
  192. Putting my JBA LTs on this evening
  193. Question about X-Pipe
  194. Factory manifold hp
  195. new exhaust should be coming in!!
  196. Needing a mid muffler, thoughts/suggestions anyone?
  197. Pacesetter Install Problems
  198. Christmas SLP Powerflo... INSTALLED
  199. slp lt+x pipe+no mufflers=how loud?
  200. What's the best way to test for an exhaust leak?
  201. Is it worth holding on to stock exhaust system?
  202. Exhaust Question (real experince please)
  203. P0137 Code
  204. Messed up my Borla exhaust
  205. Hooker Maxflows
  206. header install 02 senser help
  207. anyone have spintechs with a sound clip?
  208. Magnaflow Axlebacks
  209. Ordered some goodies today!
  210. Question about washer mod
  211. Solo jpipes
  212. New G8 V6 Need Advise
  213. Securing rattling heatshield
  214. preparing for header install
  215. Just ordered my headers
  216. Solo hi flow cats review?
  217. Kooks Header Advice/Experiences
  218. Help pickout Longtubes
  219. Flowmaster vs Borla
  220. Spintech axleback-mid muffler reso delete
  221. Startup clip with Pacesetters LT's and no cats, Magnaflow X with Magnapack mufflers
  222. Want to pull the trigger on an xpipe, last minute questions.
  223. LS blocks with the same exhaust ports as L76?
  224. Kooks LTs to Corsa with catted connection question
  225. Would two glass packs sound good on a G8 V6?
  226. Need advice on an exhaust for a 2009 G8 v6
  227. Pypes Violator and X Pipe
  228. First Walkinshaw Exhaust for a G8
  229. Axleback
  230. Does header wrap reduce noise?
  231. headers - to coat or not to coat?
  232. Exhaust Difference?
  233. JBA LT's came in...
  234. Trying to make final decision on exhaust system
  235. Headers....WOW!
  236. Kook Axlebacks
  237. gap in flange. suggestions on fix?
  238. JBA Long Tubes
  239. Ordered Hooker MaxFlow mufflers, now what tips?
  240. ......Polished Stainless Headers .......
  241. Factory Exhaust - Explained
  242. SLP LT Headers Comparison Question
  243. Axle back too quiet.
  244. X-Pipe plans. Which to buy?
  245. Kooks LT and Solo catback???
  246. Headers/HFCs =smoother idle?
  247. Headers+GXP Midpipe
  248. finally got headers for my G8 GT....
  249. SLP Powerflow axle-back for Caprice
  250. Installed my Kooks LTs and X Pipe Today