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  1. Just got a Red SS in... Made me miss my GXP
  2. I have returned to the GM world...
  3. We have another used G8 GT in stock
  4. My GXP is up for sale...again
  5. Just traded, 2009 G8 GXP white with 2-tone and 6 speed
  6. Officially official... Parting out the GXP
  7. Nice find by forum meber zepcom... Gay Pontiac Racing history
  8. This is it... The last of them
  9. 0% for 72 months is back! Thru July 6th
  10. MGM, Sport, Premium, 26,995.00??? Sure why not.
  11. 6 Speed Manual GXP's White, Black or silver?
  12. I'm back! How about a Sport and Premium GT for 26,995.00 + TTL!!
  13. June Incentives... Just as weird as I expected...
  15. I will be out of the office.... June 4-8
  16. TODAY ONLY! Sport and Premium G8 GT 26,995.00!!!
  17. OH MY GOD!!! 1000 Owner Loyalty just added !!!
  18. 0% for m72 months on all 2009 Pontiacs!!!
  19. Anyone interested in a clean 1 owner GTO?
  20. Over 60 years in business and at least 60 more to go! We made the cut!
  21. We are the G8 Capital!!!
  22. I begged, and pleaded and finally... C.U. Discount on GXP's
  23. Pacific Slate Metallic G8 GXP 6 Speed Manual!
  24. If you need to reach me... My number is...
  25. 3 GXP's we were waiting for just landed...
  26. Stryker Blue and MGM G8 GXP!!! Land this week!!!
  27. 3 09.5 GT's just popped up...and they aren't red!
  28. G8 Specials for this week...
  29. We have G8's and we have the best deals around! Come get your new car TODAY!
  30. My official G8 GXP Build thread. Updated as the car gets updated
  31. New post Tomorrow morning with new specials STAY TUNED!!!
  32. 2 more GXP's in the computer!!!
  33. 2 new G8 GXP's available
  34. Check out my GXP on the front of Planet LSX!
  35. How about a head count of Gay Pontiac Customers?
  36. Liquid Red G8 GXP manual, roof, onyx leather
  37. Silver GXP has landed! 35,565.00 + TTL!
  38. Another GXP poped up!!! Silver, blk interior auto and roof!
  39. Silver G8 GXP in transit that are available!
  40. Everything was extended! This weeks specials!!!
  41. 15 mins later...A PSM rolls in with Premium and Sport
  42. Someone was waiting for a MGM G8 GT?
  43. Just traded! #688 of 888 only 6700 miles!!! (SOLD)
  44. Last weekend for this deal!
  45. Our first GXP is here!
  46. This weeks G8 Specials for forum members!
  47. We made the move! 5000 cash back on all G8's!
  48. The s**t has hit the fan! 0% for 60 on new G's
  49. Intro...Happy to be here!