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  1. Current Base V6 Mods
  2. 2009 complete power failure
  3. 2008 g8 base supercharger
  4. vin information: 6G2ER57749L184793
  5. Washer hose in the cowl is busted! Help!
  6. Video In Motion Programming Auto Reverse Cam Feature?
  7. V6 5 Speed Transmission
  8. Help! G8 v6 issues?
  9. (insalling)
  10. Problems with my G8 V6
  11. Another milestone
  12. Oil in my radiator
  13. Engine light came on. Help!!
  14. Finally done detailing.
  15. Dashboard Blacked Out
  16. Airbag Codes Won't Go Away
  17. V6 drag times
  18. For sale
  19. Rotors
  20. My experiment with straight pipes
  21. Which coolant filler cap
  22. Buying G8 (V6)
  23. What to look for when buying a used G8 v6
  24. Got a few pics of my new Stryker Blue!
  25. I have a couple codes
  26. SLP Exhaust in Canada
  27. Tire help...
  28. Any Idea on this...
  29. Check engine light came on...
  30. Swap a motor
  31. Fun V6 Drag Strip Videos
  32. LY7 swap for 6.0
  33. Can't find wire harness for left front headlight
  34. Compression Ratio and Forced Induction
  35. Am I asking for too much?
  36. I have a question about a g8 that needs a left fender
  37. Car says it's in neutral on dash but the shifter is in park
  38. Barrett-Jackson, Palm Beach sells 08G8 for $38.5K!
  39. accomplished nothing such a noob..lol
  40. Engine Questions
  41. solo performance V6 Axle Back Exhaust Kit
  42. pedders struts and eibach springs help needed
  43. Adding heated seats to V6
  44. Cracked/leaking thermostat housing
  45. Speaker replacement for 08 G8 (V6) base model
  46. Timing chain
  47. Faulty Coolant Cap
  48. Custom rear deck cover
  49. 5.3l swap into v6 g8 ?
  50. Voltage issue with check engine light
  51. V6 Build Ideas (Help please)
  52. Anyone with just a muffler delete plus rotofab cai
  53. Life after the base G8 --update
  54. Looking for some hood scoops
  55. Goodbye G8...we had a good run!
  56. Are you guys familiar with Periscope?
  57. Two very different cars: Pontiac G8 and Accord Coupe V6. Which one to buy?
  58. Where dem 6's at??
  59. G8 V6 Good first car?
  60. Inside passenger door handle
  61. Reverse camera option
  62. GT
  63. Brake Light
  64. Introduction Post
  65. What to buy?
  66. Front Suspension
  67. Joined the "daily driver" +g8 club :)
  68. G8 V6/V8 Rear-End Suspension
  69. Warming up the tires video.
  70. What to look for
  71. Rear HVAC Vents
  72. G8 tpms
  73. Replacing fuel filter
  74. My 09 update...couple little things I did
  75. Matte black wrapped BEAST
  76. V6 rear brakes
  77. Les's G8 V6 tuned 91
  78. Exhaust
  79. Lowering Springs
  80. What's your V6 kill list look like?
  81. Changing Speedometer Question
  82. Overkill tune
  83. H-pipe on my V6?
  84. flashing red lights when locked
  85. what is a g8 ft firehawk
  86. Cpr6 manifold install issues!
  87. Steven's G8 Mods
  88. Anyone in DC Maryland Area Have a Good Dealer or Independant Mechanic
  89. Retainer clips inside the trunk not trunk liner
  90. functional shark fin antenna
  91. winter mods
  92. Weird wine?
  93. Noise when shutting engine off
  94. Is it just the V6 trans??
  95. Cheap g8 for sale (not mine)
  96. My wife would like a little rumble on her red G8.
  97. HP Tuners for V6?
  98. ls9 swap?
  99. TPM Sensor Fault, need advice!
  100. V6 engine cover is pitted! DIY Repair??
  101. My G8
  102. Anyone with PSM?
  103. V6 Videos
  104. any used nitrous on the v6?
  105. First G8 Road Trip
  106. v6 owners: apologizing vs akwardly nodding
  107. SBM V6 29K miles only $10.900 (Rebuilt Title)
  108. Front Suspension Question
  109. A Complete Advancement for the V6 World
  110. Wanted: V6 Rear Deck Lid
  111. My Latest Swap
  112. Hazer's Car in GMHTP
  113. AFE replacement dry filter for rotofab v6?
  114. MY08 or MY09
  115. upgrade 2009 to 2009.5?
  116. Blower motor
  117. V6 Stock Washer Mod
  118. G8 Base Brake Pads ---good deal?
  119. Winter Driving
  120. Feeler - Used SOLO V6 Axlebacks for sale
  121. faster 0-60, manual or sport mode?
  122. better car in snow: g8 base or g8 gt?
  123. New V6 owners!
  124. Windshield under warranty ?
  125. White V6 door handles
  126. Even trade
  127. New exhaust clips
  128. What time is it? Well, it's "next mod help" time!
  129. Traded her in
  130. Camaro 20s and modified h&r springs. :)
  131. Solo Mach Shorty Catback on my V6 I LUV IT...
  132. It's been only three months and now this...
  133. Sweepstakes LS3 TR-6060 T56 Magnum
  134. Race with GTO
  135. Anyone know where to get a custom tune in ne ohio?
  136. What to sell car for?
  137. Base tail light p/n?
  138. Holden V6 group on facebook!
  139. Ouch!! Is this anyone on here??
  140. HID Installation Question.
  141. Rim Suggestions??
  142. Coolant flush?
  143. 6 speed swap from camaro, with Acadia PCM?
  144. How do GT axle backs sound on V6?
  145. supercharger for your v6?
  146. Facebook group chat gm6
  147. Speeding !!!
  148. what do you think of these Rims for my v6?
  149. 0-60 time for the v6?
  150. Throttle body porting!
  151. Catch can
  152. 1st Snow
  153. what tires came stock from the dealership on a g8?
  154. i think i got a GREAT deal on my g8..agree?
  155. TOP speed of g8 base without limiter?
  156. If your car looks sleepy, but has a big pee pee, this thread might be for you!
  157. G8 V6 MOD LIST (stock LY7)
  158. Just Got My Pontiac G8
  159. Going to the Dark Side
  160. Tow Rope spot?
  161. little more respect for my v6
  162. Easy Bolt-On for V6 G8 cars
  163. Hey
  164. H-Pipe Setup May Trump X-Pipe on the V6
  165. Do I need this?
  166. more power?
  167. front splitter?
  168. traction control
  169. New Flip out Key
  170. Fog Lights
  171. Feeler for GT brakes..
  172. Aluminum Intake for V6- Has anyone ever...
  173. Painted One-Piece V6 Engine Cover
  174. Used G8 - V6's going for 21-22K
  175. So why did you end up with a V6?
  176. Personal Invite to G8/GTO Owners iNternational Event to Base G8 Owners!
  177. Might be Selling the G8
  178. Front license plate holder
  179. What should I put in my G8??
  180. What's my G8 V6 worth?
  181. WTB h&r springs with monroe shocks
  182. solo axle backs and MR resi's
  183. K-n cai install today !!!!
  184. What is a reasonable price for my 2009 G8 V6?
  185. about takeing the back stock axle pipes off!!!!!!!
  186. DrColorChip.com
  187. Some ?'s
  188. MR resonators
  189. h-pipe today!!
  190. Eng
  191. V6 Drag Racers
  192. This G8 is tempting me...
  193. Light question
  194. G Force Performance Chip
  195. Attention Aftermarket Engine Parts Builders
  196. p2097
  197. Yay, back to the shop again!
  198. 1xracing .com ??? good website or scam??
  199. Lots of carbon on outside of tips.
  200. were to Buy HID's
  201. Driving sound clips of Dynomax Super Turbos on a V6.
  202. Trade-In help requested:)
  203. Vote for my car please!
  204. V6 Owners w/Dashhawk
  205. video at track sat.
  206. V6 Sport Mode
  207. Must Be Special
  208. horrible rear tire life
  209. Here i go again....
  210. What do you shift at?
  211. OMG Do I Love cooler Temps
  212. Finally got a break in temp at track...
  213. Cam 2 or not?
  214. 20" for V6, Yay or Nay?!
  215. Any New News?
  216. Shift Points Man Auto vs. Sport Auto
  217. New Found Appreciation for the Mighty V6
  218. Performance Mod Chip for G8 V6
  219. A little help from fellow V6rs
  220. A thought on more power
  222. GXP Exhaust with X-Pipe Installed
  223. Mileage between oil changes
  224. Intake Predicament
  225. Corsa System for V6 ?
  226. G8 man!!!
  227. TB to MAFS Tube
  228. Why does the engine make that noise?
  229. Looking to buy G8 V6 opinion required.
  230. Bad Karma's Bad Karma Strikes Again
  231. Do the 2008 G8 (V6) have a "change oil" light?
  232. Trifecta Tune Update
  233. Another Header Question
  234. Oh if i could get my car to sound like this
  235. Options for replacing/upgrading brakes
  236. Do I have less power...??
  237. V6 Emergency Towing Capacity
  238. Launching the 6
  239. New Owner And Need Some Help
  240. First G8 is a V6.....Next up is a GT.....
  241. For Sale: 2009 V6 - Black Onyx
  242. Annoying long idle
  243. Ugh
  244. Charger vs. 300 vs. G8
  245. Strut covers?
  246. 92 in 15
  247. Poll: V6 owners current mileage...
  248. successfully straight-traded in a V6 for a GT?
  249. Snow Snow go away.....
  250. SoloAxle Backs w/Resonators