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  1. Misc questions...
  2. 2009 GXP Manual
  3. G8 GXP noted as collector car by hagartys
  4. Getting Back Into A G8
  5. Shockingly mild damage
  6. Update on GXPs that have met their demise
  7. GXP "En Fuego!"
  8. Another Salvage LR GXP
  9. February 12, a significant date in G8 GXP history
  10. This GXP had a bad time in Long Island
  11. I don't think this one is coming back
  12. Another one that face a tough life.....
  13. Good news!
  14. Looking to modify a 3100 mile G8 GXP
  15. Two More GXPs' gone too soon
  16. 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP Red Hot Steering Wheel & Cluster
  17. 10 year maintenance for low mileage GXPs
  18. Happy 10th birthday
  19. GXP in Music Video
  20. Engine Light
  21. New GXP Hat
  22. Remaining GXP's
  23. A GXP That Has Been Twice Bitten
  24. Another GXP Gone to Thieves
  25. Mecum Lot F184 Harrisburg Aug 3, 2018
  26. G8 GXP A6 going to Auction
  27. JHP gauges
  28. Update for those wanting to use 2016-2017 Chevrolet SS rotors & calipers on a G8 GXP
  29. 6 Piston Brembo Upgrade Check List for GXP
  30. Looking for advice
  31. Possible sale
  32. LS3 Balancer
  33. Power added probs
  34. Better Pictures for Seat Rail Mod
  35. I finally did the passenger seat rail mod
  36. Which block heater / coolant heater to order for the GXP
  37. Another GXP bites the dust
  38. wet floor board-left rear passenger
  39. Total GXPs that have met bad ends
  40. Does anyone know whose GXP this was?
  41. Part Number for Manual Shift Knob and Boot?
  42. Best source for good used G8 shop manual set???
  43. Samco GXP silicone radiator hoses now avaliable
  44. 18" Winter wheel and tire setup questions.
  45. p0877 code HELP
  46. Struts
  47. GXP gauges
  48. #SecondChance GXP M6
  49. Recent GXP Sale
  50. Stone hit my windshield
  51. Sadly more GXPs meet their demise
  52. New Key Fob
  53. G8 GXP Importation
  54. Clobbered
  55. Current market valuation(s) for G8 GXP?
  56. WOW!! Totaled out after 6 months, now what
  57. "10 - P.E.P./SPLK EVENT" GXPs
  58. My G8 GXP and me: Family car, tow rig, back-up track car, grocery getter, everything
  59. PPV Alternator in GXP
  60. Sbm g8 gxp
  61. MSM M6 GXP for sale, Lillington, NC
  62. GXP window sticker new question
  63. GXP fascia question
  64. Cameo appearance of my GXP on Josh's Car Corner
  65. Another GXP gone
  66. Auto-Blip: rev matching alternative
  67. ...wiper blades .........
  68. anyone know the trunk plug/retaining clip official name and a source for them?
  69. More GXPs' that have gone on to the afterlife
  70. ....Key Recall ....
  71. ISO GXP LS3 exhaust manifold part numbers
  72. My G8 GXP M6 is for sale at COSMO in NC😳
  73. I may be selling my 2009.5 G8 GXP M6
  74. tuner
  75. Outlaw g8 gxp ls3 it's on !
  76. PSM GXP - To sell or not to sell?
  77. 98 octane tune
  78. 2 M6 GXP's for Sale In San Antonio
  79. LS9 vs Stage 1 Cam in GXP
  80. GXP 6 Speed Alternator problems - need help
  81. Planning to Purchase SBM A6 in FL
  82. Those with LT1-S clutch - need advice
  83. MGM M6 No Roof Onyx GXP Salvage
  84. Need some opinions on this GXP
  85. need help diagnosing a weird sensation
  86. 09 gxp
  87. GXP Wideband
  88. Part # for rubber strip - lower front bumper
  89. Tach and Speedo Color
  90. Anyone else do the seatbelt retractor recall?
  91. Livernois Tune
  92. anyone find a source for radiator covers other than rotofab?
  93. pristine gxp m6 for sale
  94. GXP bra
  95. new vibration on a 2009 gxp m6
  96. Friend just traded in is GXP
  97. Sorry Bracketracer, yet another one!
  98. He Finally Did It
  99. Another one lost Bracketracer
  100. G8 GXP 1/2 mile racing video
  101. SRM more red in person ?
  102. *FIXED* Air whipping noise at high blower speeds
  103. Bracketracer, this one breaks my heart!!
  104. Bracketracer, another one have you seen?
  105. G8 GXP in 1/2 Mile
  106. Ls9 map sensor on gxp with maggie
  107. Okay, questions for the LSA converted GXP's
  108. GXP Back At The Track For 2016
  109. New GXP A6 Maggie 2300 Owner
  110. What PSI with maggie 2300
  111. Got run into today
  112. Supercharged gxp details
  113. G8 GXP M6 with LSA conversion test hits..
  114. Help Electrical gremlin, stranded GXP.
  115. G8 GXP Cartoon Wall Graphic
  116. Another GXP goes to Heaven
  117. Anyone recognize this GXP from Phoenix
  118. Original Owners
  119. Cammed Manual GXPs... COME IN!
  120. GXP rear bumper cover
  121. Tuning a M6?
  122. Gxp hp level
  123. KBB Value increasing
  124. Help the #1 CDN GXP
  125. How many GXP's
  126. New to me GXP
  127. Guard rail: 1, GXP: 0
  128. GXP rarity
  129. Lowest GXP serials
  130. New GXP owner hopeful...advice requested
  131. Anyone in Kansas City know this GXP?
  132. Low miles GXP sells for $43k at Mecum Auction
  133. GXP gone but in good hands...what next?
  134. GXP for sale - Metro Detroit
  135. best way to polish gxp wheels?
  136. GXP aftermarket radiator option
  137. Sneak peak into my Turbo build on my GXP
  138. Injured GXP
  139. Sweet GXP M6 up for sale in Michigan
  140. Broke Something in the GXP after nearly 400 1/4 mile passes
  141. Looking for Rear GXP bumper cover
  142. Feeling the burn for the new GT350
  143. North Alabama GXP Meetup
  144. Want to sell
  145. anyone running a 2300 magnuson with 1 to 1 cog drive?
  146. Build or Buy LSA
  147. Desperately Seeking The Following GXP Owners! HELP!!!
  148. Supercharger Ordered
  149. Anyone upgrage rear GXP suspension yet?
  150. Safety belt cable sleeve recall 15206
  151. GXP for Sale on Ebay
  152. Bumped into the Holy Grail today!
  153. G8 GXP seat belts
  154. Calling all g8 gxp owners!!!!
  155. Fair Value for a 6M with 106K miles
  156. Turbo GXP build/4l80 swap
  157. Broken Rear Sway Bar Bracket
  158. Looking for assistance tracking down in on G8 GXP Firehawk
  159. Why is the GXP replacement rear lateral link different?
  160. Rust on Rear Rotor Hub
  161. Getting rid of wheel hop on M6 GXP
  162. GXP exhaust crossover WTB
  163. 6th Year Birthday.....I will Never Leave 'er!
  164. GXP M6 rear.
  165. any GXP guys do the lsa yet?
  166. Any info helpful
  167. M6 GXP - Oil Pan and Rear Main Seal Leak - Clutch Time!
  168. Future GXP Driver
  169. GXP to SS Impressions
  170. Not new, want a GXP
  171. Some info please
  172. New PB with M6 GXP
  173. SS Whipple on a GXP?
  174. G8 GXP Cam Replacement Project Video
  175. Another Totalled GXP
  176. Help a Rookie spend some money.
  177. Been looking for a msm gxp auto
  178. Finally our GXP upgrade is happening!
  179. Total GXP Reconstruction Build Thread
  180. What's She Worth?
  181. SS and GXP
  182. And...she's back...as a Ute!
  183. cam labor
  184. GT modded versus GXP stock
  185. cam and other questions
  186. Plasti Dip
  187. ISO: GXP rims and air box
  188. Need help - anyone doing an oil change?
  189. The obligatory what's my car worth thread.
  190. RE11 downgrade to Pilot SS tires
  191. My GXP was stolen today and totaled
  192. tuning questions
  193. Finally giving in and bought a cam
  194. Gxp at the track
  195. Need help finding GXP alternator bracket
  196. Ignition Switch Recall
  197. next mod ?
  198. M6 GXP Owners: Driveline improvements (clutch)
  199. what GM shift knobs fit M6 GXP?
  200. GXP cheap!
  201. Winter wheels/tires
  202. What is the mid yr break point?
  203. Just upgraded from GT to GXP
  204. GM Car Show Gaithersburg, MD Sun Oct 19
  205. Do you think I can get $30k for my GXP M6?
  206. axle questions
  207. How to change clutch line?
  208. Love our new GXP!
  209. FYI - a PSM, 6M GXP 4-sale in CT
  210. Best Place to order the OBX header/midpipe?
  211. Another GXP down
  212. GM Car Show Gaithersburg, MD Sun Oct 12.
  213. header options for GXP
  214. What does it take to get a M6 GXP into the 11's? And cost?
  215. Insurance advice please...
  216. >>> HELP! <<< - Insurance Co. Total Loss Settlement Offer
  217. Anyone own the supercharged CTS V?
  218. 2011 g8 st gxp
  219. SS Rear wheels
  220. Rear rotor rust on hub
  221. Several suspension questions
  222. One less GXP?
  223. spotted GXP I-75 nb about hour south of Atlanta
  224. Am I Naked?
  225. My GXP has problems
  226. Low price MGM gxp
  227. SBM GXP for Sale
  228. Street Slayer/RPS Billet Carbon Twin
  229. my GXP at Cars and Coffee
  230. Transaxle etc...Manual GXP
  231. How rare is the GXP?
  232. Upgrade GXP Trans Cooler?
  233. GXP Badge placement?
  234. Texas Mile
  235. Rebirth of my totaled GXP...your thoughts?
  236. Stryker Blue on EBay
  237. suspension stuff
  238. Chasing Down a Mustang 302R and Passing Him !!- Road America
  239. Check out this rare GXP for sale on Ebay
  240. How many original owners
  241. Check out this GXP ad ..
  242. Floor Mats Standard?
  243. UPP twin turbo kit
  244. History
  245. Mojave Mile
  246. M6 GXP Clutch Slave Failing?
  247. Finally joined the club...
  248. GXP M6 w/Vararam, Corsa CB, & VMS Tune - whats a ballpark hp?
  249. How important are tires? Meaning summer tires vs all season
  250. Snowflake Wheels