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  1. Anyone have a break light go out?
  2. Front License Plate Bracket Part Number...
  3. Aussie "right hand drive" shifter
  4. Wiper arm removal
  5. Front Suspension Problem
  6. My G8 is cursed.... Can anyone help answer a question???
  7. Black Box/SpyStar Removal
  8. Door Striker Adjustment Torque Settings?
  9. Broken seat belt cable
  10. Is the hood vent mod reversible?
  11. crashed the G8 anyone have to replace panels yet?
  12. Gt + cai mpg?
  13. Does your trunk make a buzzing noise when you open it?
  14. Rear License Plate "Fell Off"
  15. Car going in shop tomorrow - Alternator Warning
  16. Dead battery
  17. just got a tune and now i'm throwing codes p0157 and p1153..
  18. Oxygen Sensor
  19. 3 weeks at the dealer
  20. has anyone used lucas synthetic motor oil?
  21. OH *$%#!!! Please Advise
  22. bonnet scoops
  23. Lound bang on acceleration!?!?
  24. vibration coming from right tire
  25. Heater Noise...
  26. Airbag Fault?
  27. Installed Rear lower control arms
  28. IV had it, the G8 is gone in July!!
  29. p2270
  30. The Stats: R&T road tests chk it out
  31. Can someone check something on their car for me?
  32. Overheating LS3
  33. Cleaning A/C vent
  34. Recommendations for ordering oil filters online
  35. Driveshaft Replacement
  36. how hard is it to change timing tensioner/belt?
  37. which package options gets you the oil/voltage meter in the upper dash?
  38. does GT stock axleback fit the v6?
  39. Passenger side seat info
  40. Anyone have any experience with this catch can?
  41. Extended Warranty Yes or No
  42. Remove DOD?
  43. Dyno in central WI?
  44. Whats a good scan tool?
  45. Key duplication
  46. Paint Code - PBM?
  47. Part number request
  48. Check Oil Light flashing
  49. Help me spend some $$$
  50. arm bar replacement on front and rear...
  51. Side Mirror Control Lights
  52. rattle in the front
  53. Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  54. Vibration on slight accel
  55. Another fron end noise thread
  56. one of the 4 wires for the maf is showing. how to fix???
  57. someone destroyed my driver side door lock and got in
  58. Napa Gold cabin filter
  59. Lifting car from REAR front Cradle mount- how bad? bad?
  60. Battery under warranty
  61. HID question
  62. Getting Irritated with Dealers
  63. alarm probs
  64. TSB type question
  65. Redline Oil
  66. I started to HATE MY G8 :- All this F**** Issues !!!
  67. overspeed
  68. Suspension noise fixed.........for now
  69. Speedo Calibration Question
  70. Fog Lamp Bulb Part number
  71. Got my taxes back!! Solo Axel back or Superchips?
  72. Torque vs. HP
  73. Aftermarket Direct Injection
  74. Acceleration stumble
  75. Removing Cats Help!!!!!!!!
  76. Whats the best way to get 350whp?
  77. Rattle coming from Passenger rear door...
  78. Key Cutting Code?
  79. check engine light
  80. weird Problem with Gas guage
  81. Possible engine/tranny issue (shifting issues) - any ideas?
  82. How can I tell if my G8 is bluetooth equipped?
  83. Engine stalls with new headers....
  84. Week of mods
  85. Drivers side seat control panel replacement
  86. Radio will not turn off when door opened
  87. Quick Poll Time About Catch Cans!
  88. Brake Lights dont work
  89. Headlights dim then bright again
  90. any reason why i need to disabled drl with hid?
  91. I Want Factory BlueTooth. What Do I Need?
  92. Worth the gains?
  93. Opinions - Corsa or Street II
  94. Has anyone lost a key?
  95. rental car with warranty service
  96. G8 Sounds like a Diesel
  97. Update for my front end noise problem
  98. Numbers
  99. G8 Firehawks?
  100. Front Clip Rattling
  101. what's the normal behavior after installing UD pulley?
  102. Drag Stats for Palm
  103. Cabin Filter
  104. Next batch of mods...
  105. Ignition swtich frozen, please help!
  106. Which is better Escort Passport 9500ix or Beltronics GX65?
  107. Mystery wire connecter under the glove box
  108. Stability controls shuts off momentarily after work on car..
  109. Oil siphoning
  110. Doug Thorley LT Install Problems
  111. **DIY** Dome light to LED array conversion
  112. Steering wheel swap FAIL: clock spring / SIR coil broken
  113. Had the bumper cover off today....
  114. Getting a code 455. What exactly is this?
  115. Where can I find the VIN on the car?
  116. Wiper blades park in wrong position
  117. Driver window scraping against glass
  118. Gas cap related CEL fix!
  119. Key Programming
  120. AFM On and OFF?
  121. HSV steering wheels availabilaty
  122. Service Manuals question: wire color codes?
  123. DIY: wiper blade to sweep closer to A pillar
  124. Help:Sensor Install-Air Temp Sensor
  125. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to install the lower belt???
  126. What belt does the smaller one control on the bottom of the engine?
  127. Porting intake manifold as a first mod (especially for a DD)?
  128. Quiet cabin
  129. Heated seat's are the wires there???
  130. Dealer Oil Change Bummer
  131. My Dealer is DUMB
  132. Wiper Blade Redux
  133. Bringing up Seafoam again.
  134. Will be parking the G8 anything to do in preperation?
  135. Known Issues Resolved?
  136. Wheels / TPMS
  137. Fuvk My Life Need Part Number
  138. HID Experts Please!
  139. Top Tier Gasoline
  140. Holden trim parts
  141. for sale section?
  142. Cam time - If you have cam knowledge or have a Cam in your car STEP INSIDE!!
  143. Ok, Let's beat a dead horse
  144. Anyone ever hear a high pitched whine when the G8 is NOT running?
  145. Service request
  146. Power mirror fuse location?
  147. I know I know...this has been covered before...
  148. Does anyone have a diagram...
  149. Need input re BMR strut tower brace
  150. backup parking sensors in rear diffuser
  151. Interior Lighting - GT vs. GXP
  152. DIY: Trunk grocery / shopping bag hooks / holders
  153. 93 Octane
  154. Helm Service Manuals out of stock?
  155. Trunk latch fixed, broke something to do it.
  156. Looking to tern off AFM
  157. Video of rough start condition
  158. What speed does your AFM stop engaging?
  159. Cai & mpg.
  160. Faulty Pedal Design?
  161. When I turn my key on I can hear what sounds like the trunk latch trying to release.
  162. key sticks in ignition
  163. Parts website with both illustrations and part numbers?
  164. Car won't accelerate
  165. Question on 09's
  166. World record distance for remote start?
  167. There goes my spoiler....
  168. G8 Turbo Charger Kit for under $1000 bucks
  169. not able to fill gas
  170. Mod goals
  171. Stereo screen black, control lights blinking on and off
  172. Congrats to Tyr Fryr
  173. Gauge Question/Problem
  174. ticking noise
  175. New Engine found
  176. Intake or exhaust first
  177. Vanity Lights: solution
  178. I need some direction with future mods to my future G8
  179. Hood Latch Stuck Closed- Hood Stuck Open
  180. Will a slightly shorter tire than stock rack up more miles on odometer?
  181. Back in the shop :(
  182. ABS/ Traction control warning
  183. Unhooking battery for winter
  184. Headliners
  185. Oil sample
  186. How to remove headliner?
  187. On Star Backup Battery?
  188. Where's Radiator Drain?
  189. Manufacturer buyback or lemon law buyback
  190. UPDATE: Paint coming off my G8 GT!!
  191. 09 service manuals
  192. G8 GXP silicone radiator hoses
  193. So I dropped my car off for service yesterday for this list:
  194. Door makes a harsh clunk sound when closed.
  195. To AFM or not AFM, that is the question??
  196. We need engineering mode to come up as part of the DIC normally
  197. Key Fob Battery replacement?
  198. Service Manual Alternative -AllData
  199. Methanol Injection Kit explained
  200. Air Filter Element?
  201. Frozen washer nozzles
  202. Difficulty closing trunk
  203. Parking Brake light remains on
  204. Getting a new G8 GT, considering mods.
  205. Wanted to say "thanks"
  206. Free oil changes for a year
  207. Scam Posting
  208. Why G8 GT/GXPs are better than a vette...
  209. Anyone have access to a Tech 2 to test this....?
  210. Can your G8 jump 269 Feet?
  211. Webasto Sunroof Question
  212. Anyone buy these manuals?
  213. G8 Sounds
  214. synthetic vs traditional oil?
  215. When to start modding (miles?)
  216. Question for us light modders..
  217. not sure if this is covered, but too lazy to search
  218. when you buy a used gxp from a non gm dealer do you get warranty?
  219. Driver door adjustment
  220. Australian dealership stickers
  221. CEL P0446 Question
  222. 1981 Camaro
  223. Standard or Metric
  224. Help on running a wire from back to front.
  225. JHP Tripple Gauges, has anyone done the mod?
  226. Remote problem
  227. GM parts mgr's....rant inside...
  228. Time in the shop (tranny issue)
  229. Warranty Question
  230. Cabin Filter
  231. Wheel bearings
  232. What do yo think
  233. Onstar Red Light on rearview mirror! FYI
  234. 08+ pontiac g8 sprint booster 09 10 2008 2009 2010?????
  235. Interior hel
  236. Pics of the weights bolted to the rear subframe?
  237. Custom chips
  238. No windshield washer fluid low indicator
  239. "Customization Unavailable"
  240. Frozen hood latch
  241. TPMS Fault
  242. is there a way to make heat come on with remote start?
  243. Cold Weather Problem? Turn signal lever
  244. Mystery noise while off... Video included...
  245. Heater Hose Relocation Kit
  246. WHat's the deal with grounding kits?
  247. Odd sound
  248. Help! Mystery noise
  249. Antenna Replacement
  250. Got in an accident this morning v.wait on parts?