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  1. Right-rear ABS issue
  2. Question for Caprice PPV owners/knowledgable people
  3. OEM Headlights Assembly
  4. wiper motor/transmission change?
  5. Start-Up Issue
  6. Correct Spark Plug P/N?
  7. Glove box bulb replacement
  8. Newbie asking for WBO2 wiring advice...
  9. Question on Holden SSV spoiler vs. PFYC / Euro spoiler?
  10. In back of manifold disconnected connection???
  11. struts and shocks
  12. Key Fob does everything...except unlock the car.
  13. Low Speed Grinding
  14. battery
  15. Front turn signal wire color
  16. Tire pressure sensor
  17. engine/coil covers
  18. Steering knuckel
  19. BCM 911 issue
  20. Noob question
  21. best catch can... with sight glass ?
  22. wheels
  23. Courtesy Lights are Inoperative
  24. ???
  25. Gas door won't unlock.. Has anyone ran into this
  26. supercharger
  27. Lower control bolt size
  28. Lost a couple MPG?
  29. Silver shifter trim piece, bought seperate?
  30. Tire sensor question
  31. Oil Changed damage - Not oil related
  32. Rear Aux Backup Camera Help
  33. X Message on DIC
  34. Climate Control (cooling) is not working right
  35. SIR Coil?Clock Spring Replaced and still problems
  36. Center dash removal
  37. 4 beeps/chimes shortly after startup
  38. Plastic coat wiper arms/cowl?
  39. Swapping speedometer Issue
  40. Trade in 2012 MS3 for 09 GT?
  41. Noob, Need help replacing traction control switch.
  42. Coolant Flush and fill
  43. Door Repair
  44. Puzzled
  45. Fuel pressure gauge Q
  46. Belt and possible pulley replacement
  47. Cleaning (INSIDE) the headlight
  48. Sport mode
  49. early or late 09 G8 GT?
  50. Exhaust Systems - Staying Legal
  51. Sky Marshall?
  52. Noob question: Mismatched tires (Front/Rear)
  53. Anyone with an aftermarket windhsield with no cowl gap?
  54. Airbag Malfunction????
  55. Driveline durability
  56. 3rd brake light is flickering for no reason
  57. Performance Chip Info
  58. 08 G8 GT after 7 years...facts/probs
  59. throttle body polishing.
  60. Hollow Popping Sound from Rear Under Heavy Acceleration
  61. Help! Passenger Door Locked and won't open from either side!
  62. pat g baby cam + ?s
  63. Tpms refuses to learn
  64. Airbag module location
  65. Florida Performance Shop
  66. P0101 & p0121
  67. Is this balancer good?
  68. parking brake not engaging
  69. Hood latch problem
  70. pass side floor sill removal
  71. Tail light does not get brighter when brake is pushed
  72. Lately.... (and a thanks to you all)
  73. Where to buy the discontinued switchblade keys
  74. Looking For Advice on Next Mod
  75. ABS / Traction Control Warning Lights
  76. Double stacked spoiler??
  77. Power steering fluid leak
  78. Cruise Control Gremlin
  79. Hypermiling Question: Aeroforce instant mpg vs Engineering mode ??
  80. Random Downshifts when Traction Control Kicks In
  81. Oil dip stick question
  82. signs of as bad battery or going bad
  83. harmonic balancer
  84. Looking for Windshield replacement advice
  85. Commodore for sale in US
  86. Considering G8 Purchase-Need Advice
  87. Battery Tender via Cigarette Lighter
  88. Comm Enable relay and ABS Warning Message?
  89. Where to buy sealant tape to fit new door foil?
  90. Torque (Android) w/ BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter
  91. reverse bulbs
  92. Remote Start Failure
  93. Horsepower loss between engine and wheels...
  94. Getting ABS Message when car sits, and after two on/off cycles DTCs P0700/U0073/P2544
  95. Seat back removal
  96. rough idle and breaking up
  97. right side low beam not working
  98. got a chirp I cant diagnose... HELP!!!
  99. Dyno Charts
  100. Backup Switch Location?? Fuse Keeps Blowing
  101. Battery Dead key won't open door!
  102. Breaking up under load when cold
  103. Spark plug reference
  104. 100k Miles Maintenance Question
  105. Missing freeze frame data...
  106. ignition switch lock cylinder
  107. Quick Oil Question
  108. screech on start up
  109. For thoes who want to remove and paint or plastic dip your chrome door moldings
  110. LME-AIW 2008-09 PONTIAC G8 TUNER - Any Info?
  111. GTO LS2 shortblock in a G8 GT
  112. Where does the parking brake switch wiring harness' plug in to?
  113. I think my immobiliser has been tripped after working on alternator?
  114. Vararam installed!
  115. Anyone looking for a cheap G8 GT hear you go
  116. 50k mile maintainence
  117. Recall 14445
  118. catch can question
  119. LSD Question
  120. Fans won't work after Big Bear trip
  121. Oil Change advise
  122. Steering noise
  123. crank shaft pulley dancing
  124. Flippin' code reader not reading codes
  125. hellcat hemi details
  126. Check RR Tire Display Ongoing
  127. Charging issues after new alternator and battery
  128. Want to mod the car, consult a lawyer first
  129. Erratic drivers
  130. Mystery noise from center console
  131. Are PBR aluminum calipers stock on G8?
  132. GT Won't start, ABS Message after dead battery
  133. Is this normal for a shop build
  134. fog lights issue
  135. TPS Issue
  136. Anyone in Vancouver, B.C. that has a code reader?
  137. Cowl Vent Panel Retainers
  138. My Car Warns Me Too Much About Things
  139. cheap fuel rails
  140. Random Warranty Question
  141. Check engine light O2 sensor
  142. rear vibration
  143. Having issues with alternator light/battery symbol, some questions
  144. Door lock help!!!
  145. Poor HID beam focus
  146. Door light staying on
  147. Signature Picture
  148. Battery Tender vs. Trickle Charger
  149. Vehicle Data Mismatch
  150. Adjusting the Hood
  151. Camshaft cleanup- tips would be appreciated
  152. Advice
  153. Horrible wheelspin
  154. Auto Transmission Bell Housing
  155. stereo head unit blinking
  156. help with harmonic balancer
  157. Sunroof glass seal
  158. About to buy a Dual Cam Car DVR, Suggestions?
  159. Installed HID kit pulled DRL fuze and DRL s still come on
  160. Click, click, click - three sounds I'm all too familiar with (HELP!)
  161. What can I expect?
  162. Got my cortex in today!
  163. disrespect
  164. Lock Steering Wheel Question
  165. Newb Valve Train Question
  166. not another oil question
  167. Can our rear wheel drive cars be towed with front wheels on ground?
  168. Stock tune wiped out!
  169. Newb with no owners manual
  170. New NHTSA Recall, Oct 4,2014-All G8's and PPV for Key
  171. Driver door intermittent open\unlock
  172. lost my flip key
  173. AC Not Cold - Did Search - Need Your Wisdom
  174. Cars in shop for cam and brembo install!!
  175. First Guard Warranty Question
  176. Brake (!) and e-brake light flash on and off - what does this mean?
  177. Tuning out the evap
  178. Heard about this Bluetooth white wire
  179. Rear End Gears?
  180. TPS at 20%?
  181. log computer set-up - T100
  182. My Dipstick is Weird
  183. When Do I Change My Air Filter?
  184. Cortex tune
  185. which radiator?
  186. fans turn on then wont turn off
  187. Headin to the track for the first time saturday night, any pointers
  188. CAI whistle
  189. MPG in Sport Mode
  190. Thermostat location
  191. G8's hit by Ignition Switch Recall
  192. HELP!!! Check engine light!
  193. Heads up on SLP exhaust Tip and Firehawk Floor mats
  194. Heat Shield
  195. Radiator..
  196. Alternator
  197. rear window of track
  198. car went to limp mode check dealer noooo
  199. back liscence plate light
  200. CANBus kickstarter
  201. Looking to do some performance mods to my G8 GT driver
  202. Filled my Pants
  203. Door Rattle!
  204. Tire Monitoring system quits on hwy?
  205. Camaro cam
  206. headlight delay
  207. inner fender push type retainers
  208. Shifter pin out
  209. Spec D Tuning Headlights
  210. Interior door handle/arm rest broke
  211. Where to buy GXP struts?
  212. windows don't work after eng start
  213. DIC LCD failure?
  214. Throttle body
  215. Brake Light fuse continuely blows
  216. blower cam comparo carcraft july'14
  217. Instrument Cluster Lighting issue
  218. E85 gas
  219. Alarm settings
  220. Air bag warning light
  221. Anyone in the Atlanta area willing to help me out with the some fender rolling
  222. Cruise Control Fail
  223. inspection and superchips
  224. TPMS question after new wheels installed
  225. Steering wheel removal - "power down" procedure
  226. What is the best plugs and wires to buy?
  227. Anybody had a water leak like this?
  228. Low Battery Voltage or Demon Possession?
  229. Ls7 maf swap
  230. Air Conditioner High / Low Pressures & Freon Capacity
  231. 08 Center Console Guage/Front Plate Frame
  232. AC Problems Need Some Help
  233. Guys: Does your right shoe get scraped up when driving your G8?
  234. Please help diagnose this rattle in my brake pedal linkage
  235. Does this car have a learning computer? Battery related question.
  236. Front bumper cover
  237. AFM causing Engive Rattle noise and sounds like a Misfiring
  238. 2009 Red G8 GT traded at COSMOS in Hickory, NC
  239. Broken window switch
  240. Procharger i1
  241. Rear map lights removal
  242. Tapping Into Coolant Temp Sensor
  243. 2009 G8 GT Maintenance Question
  244. rear end service? search did not answer my question
  245. spotted new SS in the wild.... good thing it's fast
  246. Uneven tire wear
  247. Middle of summer and no AC
  248. Trunk won't open!
  249. Replaced trunk latch, still doesn't work
  250. I think lifter just went bad!