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  1. whos flushed their transmission fluid and had issues after ?
  2. Is there anywhere to buy a stator and rectifier for a 6.0 alternator?
  3. TPMS System failure
  4. Holden ute new project help!help!
  5. How do you check if its an 09 or 09.5?
  6. Looking to replace front rotors and pads have Q
  7. How much antifreeze?
  8. Cheap G8 For sale on ebay
  9. Question on wire feed welding
  10. misfire CEL
  11. where is the best place to pirchase a new alternator?
  12. Radiator gurgling after shut off in hot weather.
  13. Does anyone know anything about PaceSetter long tubes?
  14. Wiring diagram for brake lights?
  15. Need an ignition on wire in engine fuse panel
  16. Removing passenger airbag
  17. Cortex / Flashpaq pairing question
  18. Does anyone else's brake pedal rattle?
  19. New AMG Engine (Lubircant?)
  20. So there's a million brake pad options, anyone have recommendations?
  21. High Octane - technical, knowledgeable answers only, please!
  22. Driver door wont open
  23. 120 miles a day....
  24. remote start failed
  25. oil pressure sensor
  26. Father's Day Oil Catch Can or Camaro Trans Pan
  27. G8 GT OEM Spark Plug Obsolete - what to use?
  28. Rough idle-help
  29. Rear Wheel Speed sensor issues! ARGH!!
  30. P0455 code thrown
  31. AC Suddenly Dead?
  32. Sunroof ?
  33. LCA and dealing with dealership
  34. low battery charge on dash
  35. Alternator light help
  36. converting to manual
  37. B0015- B0022 question how do I fix
  38. First mod on my new g8
  39. Seat Belt Assembled Wrong?
  40. Start of a nightmare
  41. Smells like burning oil
  42. Weird popping/dripping noise
  43. Wet Spot on Maggie Assembly
  44. Spectre CAI - Do I need to "tune" anything?
  45. Clicking in Steering?
  46. G8 Spare Tire Well aka panel/compartment replacement..
  47. Lifter ticking?
  48. Help! My wedding ring is stuck in the center vent near the front window.
  49. Help with engine codes.
  50. Overdrive Alternator Pulley
  51. Performance Mod question intake vs header
  52. Supercharged GT, What Should Headers Add?
  53. Installed headers, no traction control-clock spring?
  54. Torque Spec for Steering Shaft Bolt
  55. Knock sensor
  56. I hear a rattle from the engine when DOD kicks in
  57. A/C OFF Red X in DIC
  58. Recall question
  59. Will it fit?
  60. Battery Replacement
  61. Need help with wind noise drivers door
  62. Hazards
  63. Repair shop trickery? Trans cooler leak
  64. Shifter button broken.
  65. Intermittent starting problem
  66. AFM/DOD fuel economy effect numbers
  67. Clearance Height ?
  68. Need help idetifieng weard noise
  69. Chime died.
  70. Lighting Options for G8 GT
  71. Swapping a cloth car to factory leather seats
  72. aFe PRO DRY S Air Filter - worth to get it?
  73. My G8 won't do a burnout.
  74. Floppy HVAC Door Vents
  75. alternator voltage
  76. Replacement P/S Pump options?
  77. I hope I know what I'm getting into here.
  78. Problems with LED front turn signals and quarter fender lights
  79. Safety mode after cam/ converter install.
  80. windshield wipers
  81. Harmonic balancer help
  82. Considerations when purchasing G8
  83. LED bulbs
  84. Need photo of gas cap tether
  85. GM poor customer service regarding Safety issue.
  86. dtc c0010 help
  87. Extremely loud grinding Noise - Help
  88. Lots of steering wheel vibration after hard acceleration
  89. Swapping engine
  90. .... Air Cond problem ......
  91. alot of heat coming from wheel
  92. Anyone familiar with C5R timing chain....?
  93. Transmission flush/service and then master cylinder fails?
  94. Connector X206 Location & Pinout
  95. Recall help
  96. Possible power steering leak?
  97. G8 Factory Service Manual PDF
  98. problem after hard down shift
  99. hanging up in sport mode part 2
  100. Cold Startup Stalling with Maggie Installed
  101. Where is the amp mod thread
  102. When I start car and put it in drive/reverse it wants to die.
  103. Rocker arm torque procedure question
  104. Is there a light in the switch?
  105. Anyone heard of a "WP9" package?
  106. Maggie Setup - Timing vs. Boost
  107. Compressor Pigtail
  108. What's This Noise?
  109. Maggie Install - Heater Core Hoses
  110. VR and cortex installed
  111. Ethanol Blend vs Power Output
  112. ABS/ESP lights
  113. Advance Auto Parts Coupon Code
  114. Heads up another Bluetouth Modual
  115. Spoke to Gm service dept on my 09 G8 GT, showing service vehicle soon light!!!
  116. Fluid leaks...
  117. Confused on upgrades
  118. Passenger door is sticking
  119. Spark Plug Wire Stuck!!!
  120. Heat Shield Bolt PN
  121. Getting water inside rear door
  122. replacement bulbs
  123. Service engine soon on digital screen!!!
  124. Hard to turn
  125. Battery Charging?
  126. Unexpected byproduct of UDP...
  127. What goes here?
  128. Maggie w/3.1" Pulley - Plug Gap?
  129. Headed to the shop for CEL (P0336 code)
  130. Hard to open door handles
  131. JHP double hump gauge pod install?
  132. Silver Surfer - another build journal
  133. ...SCAM ON E-BAY Front Bumper ....
  134. New tires throwing ABS Code and Stability Control On
  135. They shot a G8...
  136. Rear 3rd brake Light replacement
  137. Alarm help needed...
  138. Water leak from cabin air filter housing
  139. FMHE Painting?
  140. tail light condensation
  141. This isn't going to make sense....but (HVAC)
  142. Recommended Dealer for Service in Cincinnati Area (6L80 Harsh shift issue)
  143. GMPP Repair on Monday..
  144. Mystery Line by Transmission
  145. Can the outletsbe made tto work while car is off
  146. Dreaded Lifter Tick
  147. Front end rattling noise
  148. Help with a loud and strange noise
  149. Need New Trunk Spoiler
  150. Quistion about pinning ProCharger crank pulley ..
  151. Battery Problem
  152. Hood latch cable stretched, now hood won't close
  153. Amazon HID kit
  154. Key Fob question.
  155. lights dim when stability control activates
  156. OEM Fog Light Bulb Replacement
  157. Major issue with car in park.
  158. Check Engine After Catch Can Install???
  159. is this an external key chip?
  160. Weird Keyless Entry Issue
  161. 2009 g8 GT starting mods
  162. What to do with the G8 Gt to make is go fast??
  163. BAP Hose From Maggie
  164. DIC Check Engine with a P1682 code
  165. Trainhorn
  166. ELM327 OBDII iPhone Apps
  167. Brake Switch Recall, out of VIN?
  168. Play in either the rearend or tranny??
  169. Where to buy headlight caps
  170. Looking for literature on cam swaps
  171. Fuel mileage loss
  172. PC display wiggin out!
  173. Chattering Throttle Body
  174. First "mod" in 4 years
  175. So it begins...
  176. remote start help
  177. Oil Pressure Gauge, do I need a "T"?
  178. Die P0449, Die you Bastard!!!
  179. LS9 Injector Spray Pattern With Maggie
  180. 3k miles oil change rule..
  181. Lighting/Bulb Upgrades
  182. Exhaust Fumes in Car
  183. likely a dumb question but oh well
  184. KB BAP Install Question
  185. Switch to 10W-30
  186. Popping and Rattling up front
  187. best suspension mods without lowering?
  188. Decided to sell my Jeep :(
  189. 57% battery charge and remote start...
  190. basic gt/gxp tire question!
  191. Wideband Sensor Concern
  192. Looking for hydraulics that keep hood up
  193. Carfax please
  194. Notising hasitation when the car is in reverse and releasing brakes
  195. 2006 S600 V12 TT. Maybach motor... What will I need to beat it? CA emissions
  196. CAI - battery disconnect and relearn required?
  197. Spark plugs
  198. Wife Finally Letting me Spend some money
  199. Now were talking!
  200. electric system problem
  201. If you could mod your g8 all over again ?
  202. Heads/Cam Swap - What's Needed?
  203. cupholders under rear seat wont come out
  204. Spotted two G8s at V.C. Summer Nuclear
  205. anybody know the stock maf limits??
  206. taking my car in for dealer inspection. few questions
  207. Have a dead short running my battery dead, any ideas?
  208. Rear view auto dimming mirror
  209. Will a Caprice door fit G8
  210. thought I had a kill moment approaching
  211. thinking about selling the G8
  212. Driver's Door won't Open
  213. Leather Seat Cover
  214. Cabin Air Filter and broken clips
  215. PBM G8 for sale in Gadsden, AL
  216. TPMS fault...only with winter wheels/tires
  217. Battery Tenders.
  218. G8 Transponder Chip Key
  219. Should I buy Extended Warranty - $1500
  220. magnacharger ...adding a cai will I need a retune??
  221. is there a how to on changin balancer with out removing fans and rad?
  222. gauge pod
  223. Superchips Flashpaq vs Cortex
  224. Clunking sound when I hit a bump
  225. Battery tender on new battery?
  226. Need help finding "driveshaft" bolt kit
  227. Is this my car's key code?
  228. Spoiler
  229. Could this have fallen off my car?
  230. My Strut Mount can spin freely - Good or Bad?
  231. dimmable rear view mirror
  232. noise when i shut off car
  233. Rear door won't unlock or open from inside
  234. I've almost had it with this car :( (rant)
  235. p2135 code
  236. Merry Christmas to ME!
  237. Do all G8's have remote start?
  238. Lower vent won't blow when selected, ideas?
  239. How many performance bolts on can you do yourself??
  240. I'm having issues putting the sunglass door back in the dome light assembly - help?
  241. Help / Advice on changing a broken sway link
  242. when to change O2s
  243. Mirror compass
  244. Steering Wheel Noise
  245. HOW TO: Fix Air Bag Fault with Photos
  246. Interior Accessory Lights not Working
  247. 17x10 Fitment
  248. Powertrain Warranty almost up
  249. Need help finding fog light clips
  250. New battery help ...