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  1. G8 GXP Catch Can Install-- DIY
  2. AC Tensioner Replacement DIY
  3. Converter Install DIY
  4. DIY: Build an HSRK
  5. Steering Wheels that came with G8s
  6. DIY: Glove Box Removal and Repair (With Pics)
  7. Tutorial: How to replace the RR Door Lock Mechanism
  8. DIY - G8/Camaro Alignment & Bushing Timing Tech Sheets
  9. Increase your remote range with scrap wire!
  10. Guide: How to MOLEST rear guards to fit better offset wheels!
  11. DIY: Australian hitch (class 3) install with pics
  12. DIY-Air intake
  13. GUIDE: Installing a powersteering cooler.
  14. DIY: rear bumper removal and install with pics
  15. removing park lights
  16. DIY: Rear AC Vent removal on Center Console
  17. Factory Service Manuals
  18. New Center Console Lid + Install Guide
  19. Backup parking sensor info in radio display with VIM
  20. DIY - Rear Aux install & Factory XM antenna...
  21. DIY: Painting Rims *THE EASIEST WAY*
  22. DIY: Remote Start Heated Seats
  23. DIY: possible p0420 and/or p0430 solution
  24. My oil cooler DIY install on a GXP
  25. lil DIY for mesh install
  26. Underhood Light DIY w/ Pics
  27. DIY sport pedal install
  28. GXP brake pad change procedure (with pics!)
  29. Cabin Filter DIY
  30. DIY: footwell lighting in kickpanel light holes
  31. **DIY** Lowbeam bulb change w/rotofab
  32. Bumper Gap Mod EASY FIX DIY, 5 minutes
  33. Door Panel Retainers AutoZone Part Replacement
  34. DIY Footwell and other lighting
  35. DIY - Hardwired radar detector install
  36. How to Bake your Headlights.
  37. G8 GT to GXP Front Fascia and Rear Diffuser Swap
  38. Braille Battery Install
  39. DIY: Installing a Wideband O2 Sensor and Module
  40. DIY LED tail light conversion!!
  41. DIY color matched chrome grill bezel.
  42. Camshaft and DoD Delete DIY Guide!
  43. DIY: Chrome trim removal
  44. G8 Tail Lighting DIY
  45. GXP Rear Diffuser Installed! Tutorial and Pictures!
  46. GXP Brake installation on GT.
  47. Lowering Tutorial w/Pics
  48. Replacing Battery in Key Fob
  49. DIY: Differential Mount Bushing Replacement
  50. OPG CAI for V6 (LY7) install
  51. Lumbar seat modification
  52. Emissions Testing
  53. DIY - Passport SmartCord Install
  54. DIY-Oversize Tweeter installation in factory location
  55. DIY-G8 door panel removal
  56. Free Hood Vent Mod - No Cuts or Tools Required
  57. Stealth Subwoofer Install with Pictures - Part 1
  58. Debadging Tutorial with Pics
  59. Technical Articles & DIY Guidelines
  60. HID Install Step by Step Instructions (56k beware)