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  1. Stripes on Maverick Silver.
  2. I have never seen a better looking dirty color than Stryker Blue
  3. Just about done blacking things out...
  4. hood vent removal?
  5. Another G8 w/ redline leather armrest...
  6. Matte Black G8
  7. custom center gauge pod gauges
  8. Stand up White Hots!
  9. De-chromed my car today plus modified arrowhead
  10. eBay window spoiler - double sided tape issue
  11. Detailed My MGM G8 GT
  12. Win a $100 Adam's Gift Card!
  13. possible fiberglass hood source
  14. removing gorilla glue from car...
  15. Weathered Foglight Lens
  16. HELP!! Lost a center cap!!!!
  17. My Ride/Conversion questions
  18. yay or nay? im torn need input
  19. Leather Seats wrinkling
  20. Anti Lock Braking Control Module
  21. Well I went for it.....Painted GT Fascia
  22. Another HOLDEN ACES original....flip flop trunk deck lid
  23. Show-N-Go Front License Plate Holder *Pics*
  24. Tinted Foglights???
  25. Pics> GXP fascia w/ arrowhead delete
  26. Parts back from paint...
  27. Does this look like crap?
  28. Rocker Panel Stripes
  29. Removing Plasti Dip
  30. Black & silver black & silver (check this out)
  31. side vent question
  32. Some debadging
  33. Hail damage PDR vs skim and repaint
  34. Interior Handles
  35. IOM question
  36. LED Fog question
  37. Gas Fill Lid
  38. Wanted: Holden GTS E3 bumper part numbers
  39. The Junkman is Coming to San Antonio, TX - This weekend!
  40. Seat options
  41. Call to Liquid Red g8s!
  42. Holden GTS E3 body kit
  43. Finally, decent pictures of the G8
  44. Those with painted diffusers, post pics here!!
  45. Its been a what my G8 looks like now...enjoy and comment please!
  46. G8+DPE+NittoINVO+Pedders(2)=OMG
  47. Mis-color paint
  48. Finally Plasti-Dipped Front Grill
  49. Used Plasti Dip on My Mirrors
  50. My two toned ride
  51. Gloss Black Firehawk Hood and Powdercoated Wheels
  52. Why hasn't anybody...
  53. Dreaded "R" Word
  54. Did a little interior work today
  55. The "official" Maverick Man CF grills pics thread!
  56. Finally messed with PlastiDip!
  57. iZoom Graphics for Road Race / Auto-Cross
  58. Busted grill? What ever do you mean?
  59. IDIOTS! And UR SHOPPING CARTS! Put them back after you use them.
  60. Sometimes the little things work well............
  61. De-badging, Ghosting
  62. Stryker Blue Painted GXP Diffuser Pics!!!
  63. My big black pig after a bath..
  64. HSV Door Sills (Scuff plates) Installed
  65. GXP bumper cover back from paint
  66. LED DRL Projector Headlight survey
  67. Just a little photo opp
  68. MGM Painted area around fog lights (fog light bezel)
  69. Chrome Kidney's - Grill Removal
  70. Buffed the G with Adams polishes today
  71. Tip the tint guy?
  72. Crazy Paul is Da Man!!
  73. SLP High Lip Spoiler Installed
  74. SLP firehawk lip Vs Maverick Man
  75. door handle trim/cover came off....
  76. Will be blacking out the chrome soon...
  77. new Eibach's installed
  78. Windsheild
  79. clear bra
  80. Best way to deodorize leather seats?
  81. Finally got the GXP bumper on
  82. Where to buy "V8 6.0 litre" badges?
  83. GXP Diffuser fitting my exhuast
  84. GXP front/rear Fascia Parts UPDATE
  85. Steering wheel inserts
  86. TheChemist= HUGE liar
  87. Fast help please!
  88. G8 GT Coil Covers
  89. Plasti dip weekend-18's
  90. Getting rid of the front license plate bracket
  91. Please help for HID install
  92. G8 GT Front Fascia / Bumper Cover Replacement
  93. Day and Night, Pics of my PBM
  94. Potential Emblem Idea
  95. Grill Help
  96. Silver & Black
  97. Aggressive Rear look on G8
  98. Modded SX Racing Front Spoiler & Painted Side Vents
  99. I hate you hail!!!!!!
  100. Anyone try these reverse lights?
  101. Another white g8 with black gloss vinyl wrap roof top
  102. Can you say: EPIC? SS-V Content
  103. Gauges and MODS
  104. White Grille
  105. Betrayed
  106. Green Lights on the front!
  107. The G8 after a quick wash..
  108. Problem with Adam's Polishes
  109. Warmed up in Mi
  110. Porter Cable Polisher
  111. Plastidip alternative?
  112. Adams Polishes detail clinic today...
  113. She's clean. Visual upgrades-COMPLETE!
  114. Leather Cleaner?
  115. Here is what a little research got me:
  116. black-out tape
  117. My LR with Blacked Out Roof
  118. HID and LED Pics
  119. Back to Back Weekend Detail Clinics in Colorado!
  120. Adamís Ring/No-Ring Polishing Pad Comparison
  121. My Ride: Cleand - Glazed - Waxed
  122. Pictures of the G8: Fresh detail
  123. check out this paint chip...
  124. Window and Door Trim?
  125. Which polisher/buffer
  126. Commissioning a local manufacturer for oem carbon fiber hood
  127. Front Facia Damage
  128. Which Vinyl is good?
  129. need serious feedback on thoughts of carbon fiber vinyl wrapping
  130. Fog projector HIDs
  131. 10k Fog HID's that wont melt the housing?
  132. Is there a way to change the lights in the Center portion of the G8
  133. SLP tips with GXP diffuser, step right in!
  134. rubber strips on the roof
  135. race mesh
  136. Adam's Light It Up Blue Kit - 100% of Proceeds to Benefit Autism Speaks!
  137. Vinyl wrap the car: Anyone done this???
  138. Anyone plasti dip their foglight grill?
  139. Quick question about adding a sunroof
  140. Stripes on IOM
  141. opinions on 418 badge
  142. New Front
  143. Window tint
  144. Gett'in funky in the boot
  145. G8/HSV GTS front Fascia
  146. My latest project, painted engine cover
  147. Anyone know of white or yellow fogs for our cars?
  148. Pinnacle XMT products at close out pricing!!!
  149. My G8 GT w/custom GXP bumper
  150. Re-Black-ed Out
  151. Exterior LEDs
  152. Best practice to tint taillights?
  153. Will GTO Airbag Fit Pontiac g8
  154. 1 roll of vinyl, 1 g8, 14 hours later....
  155. Another Detailing Clinic in Atlanta with The Junkman!
  156. Green Lights on the inside
  157. Removing deeper scratched areas
  158. VG sharkfin antenna IOM?
  159. any attachments to filter water from the hose?
  160. It'll buff out!
  161. 6.0 L76 Badges on Amazon: Opinions?
  162. Looking For: Sport Pedals and Red/Onyx Shifter
  163. Removing stock antenna to add shark fin?
  164. Hid Fog Lights 6000k
  165. Has any one ordered this much stuff from ADAMS?
  166. Depth of Atari gauges?
  167. Custom Crap Box
  168. G8 Car Silhouette
  169. Neglected PBM receives the Adam's treatment
  170. Painting the engine cover, need advice
  171. Plasti-Dip vs. Vinyl Wrap
  172. I need a HID install guide with the relay harness...preferably VVME
  173. Did Michigan Tint Law change in 2010
  174. Stryker Blue W/ Stryker Blue Mods
  175. First Pictures!
  176. Gxp Front Bumper
  177. Auto Dim Mirror
  178. Wheel protector while spraying
  179. Popular Color Survey....
  180. Stain on Wheel
  181. Painted Rotofab Maggie Covers
  182. GXP Bumper Changes ...
  183. ROTOFAB Maggie Covers are Done
  184. Quote for Painted Lower Grilles
  185. Washing floor mats
  186. Should I Wet Sand?
  187. FINALLY! New wheels, tires, and calipers
  188. Spa week for the G8 = $$$$$!
  189. Anyone have a Stryker Blue w/Black roof?!
  190. HID Start up issue
  191. DRL Light strips installation..
  192. HID Noisy Ballast
  193. HID install
  194. any sort of warrenty on the paint from GM?
  195. DDM HID slim ballast kit installed....
  196. Exterior Vinyl Touch Up?
  197. Interior paint color?
  198. Two SoCal Detail Clinics Coming Up!
  199. Finally fixed my front end!
  200. Snow White
  201. @!%$ Scratches and Chips
  202. Rear window defroster damaged
  203. easy way to clean minor surface rust on stainless
  204. New wheels + new tires + new brakes + new spoiler = wet pants
  205. Headlights
  206. DETAILED: Tesla Model S Prototype
  207. Look what I did this weekend...
  208. A little light show for my G8
  209. GXP bumper installed
  210. Appearance Overhaul! Black Wheels, Painted Scoops and Handles!
  211. Mesh Grille Inserts - Who's got em
  212. Metal Polish #2: The Return!
  213. LED Fog Bulbs
  214. GT fascia Vs GXP fascia fact imo!
  215. License Plate Surrounds
  216. Cleaning the back glass
  217. Fog light overlays...where did you buy them?
  218. HID Cut-off Line
  219. Those who have DRL's
  220. LED fogs? Where to get them to match 5000K HIDs
  221. GXP BUMPER with some extra sexy sauce
  222. Phillips H11 Crystal Vision Ultra (review)
  223. Has anyone modified the GT diffuser with a real grille?
  224. Anybody have Chrome Mirror Covers?
  225. HID fogs
  226. rear ended, front emblem damaged...
  227. Better photos of painted diffuser and other mods
  228. GT tail lights/ GM PARTS HOUSE
  229. Need Help With Damage!
  230. Black vinyl Waxable center hood and lower door
  231. HID question.
  232. Keep Your Fog Lights On When Using High-beams [Guide]
  233. Stripping prior wax before new wax?
  234. Looking for suggestions on bumper repainting
  235. Pulled the trigger on some HID's
  236. Stock Headlamps?
  237. Tire Sealant on Rear Panel
  238. What color should I go with for a firehawk hood?
  239. What Temp HID's do you have?
  240. Scrapped bumper, under "winglets"
  241. Custom Headrests, Go Air Force!
  242. Carbon Fiber Shark fin
  243. Anybody with pics of painted foglight housing on GXP bumper?
  244. Door mirror?
  245. Grill, Arrow head, G8 logo, and Hood scoops painted
  246. Need gxp foglight trim
  247. Stainless center console trim kit - thoughts?
  248. G8 GT Bumper
  249. Rail dust
  250. Hood liner