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  1. Here's teasers of my Maverick Man Spoiler installed...
  2. Polishing out a glass scratch?
  3. Clear Bra Questions
  4. Sigh* they finally got me for my smoked tailights
  5. What do you think of this L76 6.0L Badge (Idea)
  6. Looking for the thread about exterior chrome
  7. Watch out for racoons.
  8. New Pics of My WH G8 GT
  9. One last try - Gallon Group Buy
  10. I have a Stryker, I need tint, what %???
  11. My New Splitter
  12. GXP Front End: With a twist
  13. Firehawk Hood and Spoiler Vinyls
  14. Had my lower grills painted.
  15. LR with MM CF spoiler and Holden black window trim
  16. The COMPLETE How to remove your grills...
  17. Paint yellow/blue engine fluid caps?
  18. VG Shark Fin Installed...Pics Inside
  19. Split on the Console side wall
  20. Cabin Air Filter Housing?
  21. anyone tried hand laying carbon fiber
  22. Does this look good? Black or Red
  23. Adams In&out, cut cover and roto.
  24. Your G8: Then and Now
  25. Repainting....ideas?
  26. New pics of my oreo
  27. Something different (but not yet)
  28. Anyone install Badge Overlays
  29. Anyone try O-NEX HID Kits?
  30. VG Sharkfin Color Question
  31. some pics of my white g8
  32. To those doing frontend swaps...
  33. My wifes new GT...
  34. Anyone paint their stock spoiler black?
  35. how should i black out my grill surroundings?
  36. Ticket for Tinted Tails
  37. Not a G8, but figured I'd share...
  38. Tinting the tails on my white hot?
  39. where to get HID's, cost, install....
  40. Custom Radiator Shroud
  41. New Headlights.. Check Them Out
  42. chrome pillars installed
  43. Who has a Maverick Man CF spoiler?
  44. Would these look good?
  45. Are there any good headlight options other than HIDs?
  46. What is the "foreground/background" of the front arrowhead?
  47. Sneak Peek - Adam's New Lug Nut Brush
  48. MOMO Holden steering wheel question
  49. HID Burnt out, i have a question..
  50. has anyone painted their exhaust tips black?
  51. Finally goning to get some interior work done
  52. Lets see some custom front emblems!
  53. HID DDM slim Ballast
  54. Meguiars Exterior Trim Detailer Alternative?
  55. Bad Luck!!!
  56. Black on Top, White on the Bottom
  57. A few updated pics
  58. Aftermarket hoods?
  59. Rear-ended - Help
  60. Anyone Run DDM 35watt HID Fogs Without Problems?
  61. painted my grill and pontiac logo
  62. Waxing our G8's
  63. Where can i get a vinyl wrap in Southern California?
  64. Some new accessories for the G8
  65. Scratch/Scuff Removal using Adam's Focus Pads
  66. Professional Magazing Photographer Pictures of the g8 gt
  67. painted mirror caps
  68. Updated PICS of my LR GT
  69. Custom rad cover?
  70. black corner reflectors illegal?
  71. gxp diffuser part2
  72. Tint accross top of the windshield
  73. gxp diffuser
  74. Front fascia, swap questions
  75. Interior upgrading with color.
  76. Little SoFla Photo Shoot
  77. $711 Front License Plate Bracket Delete
  78. Anyone rockin' the HSV E2 conversion?
  79. Question About Steering Wheel Controls...
  80. Removing tire glue from wheel?
  81. JHP Incredible delivery time from Australia.
  82. Question about headlights.
  83. How to Properly Paint an Intake Manifold
  84. Need your input!
  85. Did Holden GM Paint the Inside of Your Front Fenders?
  86. Hidden Hitch or other bike rack options?
  87. G8 gti?
  88. Baking Soda?
  89. wiring fogs to stay on with highbeam?
  90. Help From where can I get VXR8(CR8)Tail lights
  91. Removing door handles to paint or apply blackout tape.
  92. Time to Paint My Calipers. Vote on Color.
  93. My Tinted tails and updated pics
  94. Anyone do a spoiler without painting the trunk?
  95. gxp front bumper
  96. NJ Photo Shoot
  97. How to remove and replace shifter.
  98. Car Cover for Winter
  99. Help with headlights
  100. Bought parts for front fascia
  101. Quickie Detail/Product Testing w/ a couple of Camaros
  102. My New Spoiler
  103. Check this out!
  104. JHP VE Rear Sunshade Roof Spoiler
  105. Cracked the head lamp lens.
  106. What car cover is the best?
  107. 2 tone cloth interior- lets see em
  108. Custom Polished Billet Brake Cover
  109. Factory paint integrity
  110. Suggestions on Cleaning Radio Display
  111. New HSV badges installed
  112. advice wanted: gloss or flat black?
  113. Back Light bar
  114. Broken seat side panels
  115. Poly-Based Paint VS Water-Based Paint
  116. recommendations for a clay bar.
  117. Who knows how to Photoshop?
  118. cleaning wax off of black plastic grills and mouldings front back grill etc
  119. First Wash!
  120. Awesome pics of a PBM G8 I found!!!
  121. PC buffer pads
  122. Another Crazy Body Part(s) Idea...
  123. Weathertech Mats. Digital vs All-Weather
  124. Murphy's Law
  125. exhaust tips
  126. Help! Fender bender...
  127. Some pics
  128. New diffuser and tip polish
  129. To badge or not to badge
  130. Chrome to machined or brushed conversion?
  131. show me your painted engine covers/other stuff
  132. Pontiac - Holden (Swap)
  133. Racing Stripes (opinion)
  134. G8 Parking Only Sign
  135. Re-Tint Job Poll
  136. Aussie needs a hand - GXP
  137. Super sucky crappy cheap plastic!
  138. Zaino Brothers
  139. Pits in my paint
  140. GXP Front Bumper Conversion
  141. Damm skippy!!!!!
  142. Blacked out chrome around the grill
  143. Webasto Twin-Vent Sunroof Installed
  144. Latest interior mod ordered
  145. Powder Coating
  146. Ordered something
  147. New Paint Job
  148. DDM Tuning HID Kit....Excellent Quality and Easy Install
  149. GXP from and rear diffuser Questions
  150. Where can I get hids?
  151. Where can I get a stainless steel radiator cover?
  152. pulled over for tint issues
  153. Best tire dressing to use
  154. Need Help w/ Steering Wheel part #'s
  155. GXP Diffuser installed
  156. MGP caliper covers...Part 2
  157. Vodoo/Stryker Blue
  158. HSV VE-GTS or R8 conversion engine plate
  159. Overextended Centre Console Lid....
  160. ThirdShiftStudios Custom Arrowheads
  161. Poll - interest in custom underhood liners for g8
  162. Best wax to use
  163. MGP caliper covers... not too happy
  164. what the shifter looks like with out the leather picture
  165. Tint or paint tails and heads
  166. FYI - Adams Group Buy Interest Thread
  167. Possible to layer Adam's Machine SuperWax?
  168. I can't believe my MINT GXP has damage!
  169. vortex generators
  170. Need Help with lower door pannel scraches
  171. Black Vinyl Roof on White Hot
  172. Can I clay while the car is still wet?
  173. HUGE detail: lifted 3500hd (day 1 & 2) lots of pics.
  174. Headlight Protecters?
  175. Painted my calipers and rotor hubs this weekend...
  176. Just cleaned the ol G8
  177. Drivers side lower grille part #
  178. Panther Black touch up
  179. Front License Plate Holes
  180. Fascia swap parts availability?
  181. HID Problems
  182. HSV GTS front bumper only?
  183. Projector Foglights?
  184. Where did you buy your GXP diffuser?
  185. Photoshoping Stripes
  186. Adams 4th of july sale made my car look amazing!
  187. Detail Clinic @ Grabiak Performance July 24th
  188. paint care
  189. vinyl roof
  190. blue license plate lights
  191. thinking about hids
  192. tinted markers, fog lights and painted calipers. make for a productive day off.
  193. Rado silver paint question.
  194. Anyone with a Maggie kit find a rad cover to use?
  195. 5 minute fix for passenger seat adjustment
  196. Swirls!? I got them... How do I remove them?
  197. The Junkman will be in Lancaster, OH on Sunday!
  198. It was time for a new look
  199. NJ Window tint question
  200. Sylvania XtraVision bulbs?
  201. Black arrowheads and emblems
  202. HID's seem dim.
  203. Anyone Seen These Headlights?
  204. DDM HID kit
  205. Help needed Car Bra for a Holden VE SSV Special Edition Sportwagon
  206. HIDs from the driver's seat
  207. Rear bumper cover reflectors - size
  208. How the heck.....
  209. condensation in headlight
  210. Eagle Gel Wax
  211. FINALLY! Audi LED and Eyelids.
  212. new to HID...
  213. Detailing advice
  214. Finished my GXP Emblem
  215. gxp font?
  216. corvette fuel rail covers on the gxp
  217. Re: Headlamp protectors...
  218. Photoshop of powdercoated wheels?
  219. Photo's updated Engine, Body
  220. Windows
  221. Best Way to Clean Radio Screen
  222. Blacking out our chrome Gt door handle trim
  223. Blew hid lowbeam
  224. Just Finished My Emblems, What Do You Think?
  225. Best place to sell gxp front end
  226. my 45 second apperance mod
  227. New shots of my g8
  228. ArrowHead Decals?
  229. New Personalized Plates and Hardware...
  230. GT Front lower Grille - Part #?
  231. Scratches in rims
  232. Need help with spoiler
  233. Brembo Decals or not?
  234. Possible Headliner Issue
  235. tail lights....
  236. MSM Polish/Wax
  237. Pontiac badges chipping
  238. Hit for the 4th time: GXP front bumper here I come!
  239. Put gxp bumper on today
  240. GXP to GTS front bumper mod.
  241. Gave the G8 a polish and seal
  242. Paint mached stock gt bumper cutouts around fogs?
  243. Installed a few appearance mods over the last few weeks...
  244. 2008-2009 PONTIAC G8 GT E&G Classics Fine Mesh GRILLE GRILL
  245. Bumper Cover Swappers: Old Cover Need a New Home?
  246. Front end protection options
  247. The "Official" Maverick Man CF spoiler pic thread
  248. Clear bra
  249. Will spoiler effect warrenty?
  250. HELP!! HID's blowing my headlight fuses