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  1. Purple G8 Lightroom 2 Go Vikes!
  2. Body Side Moldings
  3. Looking for a part number - leather center armrest
  4. Finally, my PSM GT got it's GXP nose...
  5. If T-Shirts count as "appearance"...
  6. What's going on at my dealership, Help!
  7. HID Headlights and Fog Lights Installed.
  8. small updates on the G8!!!
  9. Oil spilled on to remove stain??
  10. Rear Bumper Cover Damage
  11. Thought I would share
  12. Look what I got on the way home from work today!
  13. --::Show us all your Appearance Mods::--
  14. What is the Color HEX code for a red G8?
  15. Photoshop G8 SD421?
  16. Hi Temperature PSM paint?
  17. Going to paint calipers...
  18. Thinking about getting new headlight setup
  19. Yellow G8 GT !!!! What do u think ?? :)
  20. Partial Debage & Flip Flop
  21. Photoshop Assistance Requested...
  22. New Custom Floormats
  23. Front Gap (after accident)
  24. Anyone used CF Fabric?
  25. Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser is done, pics inside...
  26. New engine cover
  27. Holden Clear coat? How hard?
  28. FU*KING DENT! I Hate People With SH*T Cars
  29. Best technique to apply touch up paint?
  30. New pics of my G8
  31. Who else uses a leaf blower to dry the car?
  32. HID What are the Good
  33. repeater lamp LEDs
  34. visor sticker removal (how)?
  35. HIDs are IN!
  36. Roomate hit my G8GT with his Saturn!!!
  37. Pictures of a MSM G8 with RaceMesh Grille?
  38. Washed and waxed after 1k mile road trip
  39. clear 3m like guard for bumper and hood
  40. Custom antenna and GXP diffuser installed
  41. How to clean interior?
  42. What brand of tint?
  43. What kind of buffer/polisher?
  44. To paint or not ?
  45. Anyway to adjust brightness of the vanity mirrors
  46. Front badge delete and cover with vinyl, 1st go round...
  47. Passenger Driver Side Door is uneven
  48. Interio Led Question
  49. Anyone put the front plate on with adhesive?
  50. Black Mark on Side "Skirt" Detailing
  51. Painted engine cover Stryker Blue. Yeah!
  52. hid fog lights
  53. Installed 8k hids
  54. Minor scratches on passenger side dash
  55. Today was a great day
  56. Racing Stripes
  57. Got new exhaust tips!!!
  58. 19" Sport Wheels: anyone wax theirs?
  59. Proper care/protection for door seals
  60. My badging
  61. Adams Quick Detailer Spray - Pics Inside/First Impressions
  62. caliper color
  63. GXP diffuser
  64. A touch of Orange
  65. Adams Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  66. antenna
  67. First Stryker Blue with clear corners?
  68. Rail Dust - Rust Spots
  69. Cleaning leather
  70. New engine pic!
  71. Why does this always have to happen?
  72. Seats - Which parts are leather & vinyl?
  73. W427 front end conversion.
  74. Just brought her home
  75. Finally washed her...
  76. Bone dry leather
  77. Wow..yuck!
  78. Moisture in the headlight
  79. headlight/foglight protection install
  80. Nothing Un-Official, so don't get too excited! It's HOT!
  81. HID's factory on G8 GT? Newb Help
  82. Driving lights questions (installation and such)
  83. Glossy Instrument Cluster Plastic
  84. Stupid trunk light question
  85. Airbag Sticker
  86. Pc'ed white catch can...
  87. Clear Bra
  88. tinting sidemarkers and rear reflectors
  89. Recommended washes/waxes/sealants?
  90. Putco 5202 yellow bulb
  91. Does your G8 match your work truck? Mine does :)
  92. Perfect day for a detail job
  93. who's been waiting for the door windeflectors?
  94. LS3 Side Vinyl! Pics!
  95. My caliper idea
  96. Wash car too much? Dumb question inside...
  97. Proclip for Garmin Nuvi
  98. Most Hated Accessory?
  99. Tint Problem!
  100. roto-fab radiator cover with volant intake
  101. Engine compartment light
  102. Vinyl overlays for trim.
  103. Front Seat Covers for the G8 GXP
  104. Rear Diffuser w/ imprinted logo
  105. Holden conversions, how much for install?
  106. Photoshop Fun
  107. Drivers Door Handle Mod?
  108. Suggestions for removing taillight scuff.
  109. Rock and Stone Chips in the paint
  110. Interior Decals
  111. Got tinted ! Stupid 3rd brakelight...
  112. Grill Surround Decal for my G8GT
  113. GM Accessories CF trim pictures & more.
  114. Racemesh Grille install on SRM GXP
  115. License Plate Bracket
  116. Wheel disaster
  117. Any aftermarket driving lights?
  118. G8 Front Lip Project
  119. Taping off the G8
  120. Made my own short antennae
  121. Tint question
  122. front emblem mod
  123. Any pictures of the JHP window spoiler and Intense front splitter on a G8
  124. Tinted Glass on sticker but not tinted on car?
  125. F*#$ scuff marks!!!
  126. Replacing Passenger Side-View Mirror
  127. Hexomats in G8 - Pics
  128. Mild Detail. Pics
  129. Got a door ding removed
  130. Scratched Her up = (
  131. change rims and tires
  132. Gauge trim question
  133. racing mesh install in progress
  134. Dashboard question
  135. Anyone buy seat covers for their leather seats?
  136. Post pics of white with v6 tails please..
  137. Plastic graphite look material chipping?
  138. My MicroFiber Towels are infested with Fuzz!
  139. What type of applicator to use on seats?
  140. Tail light idea...
  141. Sides of windshield keep getting filmy look
  142. Un-Official Rear Seat Mod "PONTIAC" Style!
  143. Analog Gauges for the GXP?
  144. Opinion on this pin striping
  145. Looking for Cargo Tray
  146. Console Lid question
  147. Some new pics
  148. interior lights
  149. spent the day with the G8
  150. Clean car freaks! i need your help!
  151. Surf City-Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax?
  152. HID's and Interior LED Light Installed
  153. Dashboard turning white
  154. V8- 6.0 badge queston
  155. Tint safe window cleaner
  156. Niteshades help please.
  157. headlight protection film
  158. spoiler removal
  159. My NEW GXP rear diffuser
  160. Oil cap?
  161. Front Pontiac Emblem
  162. Good Steering Wheel Comparison 'PICS!'
  163. Poll: Rear Badges or No Badges
  164. VE Super Sport Steering wheel installed today!
  165. Unofficial Shift Knob "PONTIAC" Style! YO!
  166. Dealer Paint?
  167. Machine Detail with Adam's
  168. In accident-need GXP part #s
  169. Homelink installed
  170. Gxp fog lamp bezels
  171. Weird indented line on dashboard
  172. New Holden SSV style 2010 Camaro wing
  173. Got some free stuff, anyone ever use victory wax?
  174. Clear Bras
  175. Holden SSV Exterior Conversion
  176. Did some mild(for black) Paint work on my GT
  177. Shift Boot for Auto Trans Shifter
  178. Average cost to tint all door and rear windows?
  179. Deck Lid Liner?
  180. What do you think? Red Lip on 19s
  181. clear bra, clay bar, detail question
  182. Wrinkled carpet?
  183. Sharkfin Antenna
  184. Front Fascia movement
  185. Black out!!!! Need help...
  186. Adams Detail Spray Group Buy!
  187. GXP Conversion + SLP Tips
  188. Removed the side GXP badges
  189. SSV Spoiler Install
  190. Mesh Insert for GXP Lower Grille
  191. In Channel Vent Visors
  192. Does Anyone Know Of GXP Rear Diffuser In Stock Somewhere?
  193. Everyone is doing Holden badges, but me!!
  194. Leds from v-leds
  195. Back Windows??
  196. 1st Car Show First 1st place.
  197. Another Clay Bar
  198. Silver GXP rear diffuser
  199. Just installed motorized license plate mount.
  200. To those who painted your engine covers yourselves...
  201. what color calipers would you paint for a pacific slate car?
  202. MY 5202 6K 35W is melting my fog housing !!
  203. It amazes me how dirty my car came from the dealer, even after being "prepped"
  204. Gravana Tuning front G8 bumper
  205. Replacement bumper grill chrome trim
  206. Pontiac Mall Floor Mats
  207. Had a lot of free time today (lots of pics)
  208. Chrome trim spots
  209. Are chips in my paint warranty?
  210. Possible Rad overflow Billet
  211. Shorty Antenna
  212. Clear Front End Protectors
  213. Lots of rail dust, never used clay bar
  214. Clear Holden side-marker on GT tail light
  215. spray paint
  216. Painting a License Plate?
  217. Does the GXP not have a glove box light?
  218. Pacific Slate with Stripes?
  219. LED turn signals
  220. SPECIAL-VE SS-V & VE SV6 Trunk Spoiler - 4 Only
  221. My HID's are TOO bright !
  222. Liquid Red
  223. (pics) GXP exhaust and diffuser
  224. Cleaned, clayed, and waxed
  225. Front plate removal
  226. GXP diffusor- most popular appearance mod?
  227. Holes in front fascia, need help
  228. Best In Class!!
  229. DO we have flashers? Found a LED resistor alternative...
  230. First detail on the G8
  231. Arrowhead glow
  232. HID install w/o removing wheel? Even possible?
  233. Please post pics of a Red G8 with chrome grills
  234. Just finished painting my wheels... what do you think?
  235. My new hood and bumper
  236. Steering Wheel Holden Emblem Upgrade
  237. Sylvania Silverstars in fogs?
  238. Firehawk
  239. WASHING 101: the basics for a clean, swirl free G8
  240. New Car Smell
  241. Painted the engine cover- thoughts?
  242. Round shift knob
  243. Tints In Connecticut
  244. What do you guys use to wash your g8?
  245. Trip to the body shop...
  246. G8 GT additions..
  247. I got behind a very large truck and >
  248. Headlight Aiming
  249. what do u think?
  250. SS Braided hose and AN fittings