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  1. anyone know of a junkyard with a g8 near Los Angeles
  2. Peeling/cracking taillights
  3. removing plastic question
  4. Mud flaps still available from GM
  5. Interior door handle
  6. where can i find buy e3 spoiler
  7. H11 led
  8. Does anybody know what the part # is?
  9. How to fix rear bumper mounting points
  10. Front Lip Cracked...Spoiler
  11. Dealership destroyed my KYNE air dam!!! ARGUH!
  12. Replacing leather seat
  13. LED reverse lights, and license plate lights
  14. Full LED foglamp housing?
  15. another good ammonyc vid.
  16. Chrome valve stem sleeves and caps
  17. Tips on how to polish my f1-A procharger head unit?
  18. G8 Complete LED lighting Swap
  19. Roof spoiler: Yea/Nay
  20. Holden/HSV Body Kits
  21. Custom License Plates
  22. Engine cover mod...
  23. buffing/polishing sport 19" wheels
  24. langka
  25. Firehawk graphics
  26. new led fender side marker assembly
  27. Something new...
  28. Vinyl Wrapping and Painting Interior Trim
  29. Low Cost Fix for Upper Grill Damage
  30. All shined up, missing her during winter :/
  31. My HSV E3 conversion [Picture Heavy]
  32. RedlineGoods Shift Boot
  33. "Last of the Brand" emblem locations
  34. Adams polishes
  35. Lights to LED's
  36. Has anyone relocated the front license plate?
  37. Does anyone have pics of the Morimoto XB 3Five 5500K Bulbs?
  38. Rust: Does anyone have it?
  39. Tired of water in rear view mirror?
  40. Who has the best deal on gxp diffuser??
  41. Everyone with Spec-D/Spyder/Sonar Headlamps
  42. The Good, The bad, and the Ugly
  43. ddm hid bulb not same color?
  44. question about gxp bumper
  45. g8 key protective case?
  46. 1 Day Special! Adam's Americana Premium Paste Wax on Sale!
  47. Painted GXP diffuser
  48. Looking for tips
  49. Free 16oz Adam's Tire Shine with purchase of $25 or more! Limited Time Offer!
  50. VG Sharkfin Antenna Paint Chipping
  51. question, rear bumper got hit :/
  52. Just another G8 converted no biggie...
  53. added the stripes finally
  54. Adam's In and Out Spray is Back in Stock!!!
  55. SRM GXP with Graphite stock wheels
  56. Plasti Dipped the Whole Car This Week
  57. Diffuser trim
  58. WM Caprice/Caprice PPV
  59. OPT7 HIDs
  60. Think this will buff out?
  61. VEMNRO HSV E3 Front End Swap
  62. Holden radiator shroud/cover installed
  63. Professional Video of my CAR!! What do you guys think?
  64. engine bay cleanup
  65. How the hell do I remove
  66. Removing graphics from car?
  67. My Holdens w/ Some Friends:
  68. Chroming stuff in engine bay?
  69. Billet tensioner pulley?
  70. oversprayed caliper paint on rotor
  71. Onyx/Red interior with Sport Red?
  72. Wheel touch up paint color
  73. G8 Factory Roof Skin Swap for Sun Roof?
  74. Spoiler ripped off by car wash drier
  75. Wrapped a few things today!
  76. Need help in Olympia WA
  77. Poor quality from dealer detail/touchup
  78. Gear Light Out
  79. Radiator cover
  80. Smoked Spyder led on hot white
  81. Bumper cover cracked :(
  82. Question
  83. How to tell early-late 2009
  84. my new head lights
  85. Solo Axle Back Cleanup - Part II - Bar Keepers Friend
  86. did a lil hydro dipping
  87. question about gxp front or commador front
  88. Shadow Blackout
  89. So do you still check out your G8 every time you walk away from it?
  90. GXP bumper installed & blacked out all chrome and trim. MGM G8 GT
  91. Dash Padding Bubble???
  92. HSV E3 Gauge Pod Upgrade
  93. Junkman's "How to Avoid Getting Polish/Wax Inside Your Seams & Cracks"
  94. Detailed my buddies Chrysler 300
  95. Solo Axle Back Clean Up Project
  96. Perfect Tint % for a black G8?
  97. looking to purchase Grill trim
  98. Surface rust problem area's
  99. Help smoking the rest of the lights to match smoked LED tail lights
  100. PONTIAC on back
  101. Good affordable floor mats
  102. Rear passenger seat clip?
  103. Seat trim
  104. Gts bumper
  105. Reworked GXP Splitter
  106. T/c and heated seats buttons
  107. Plastidip over powder coat?
  108. Roof spoiler install questions
  109. updates to my GXP
  110. PD color match?
  111. ISO- center caps for 5 dual spoke stock rims
  112. Arrowhead Overlays
  113. Shifter/boot opinion
  114. headlight lens replacement?? anyone?
  115. Detailed: 2012 Harley Street Glide
  116. Front Lip Cracked...Any Suggestions?
  117. Quick question on Plasti dip
  118. Stereo Screen Cleaning?
  119. Detailed a former G8 Owner's New Cadillac CTS-V - Full Paint Correction Inside
  120. Omaha Ice cream cruise
  121. Anyone tried Maloo ss side skirts
  122. little cleaner wax, carnuba goodness, topped off with Liquid Glass polish (pics)
  123. Plasti-Dip Engine Cover?
  124. Finally installed HSV center pod and Holden shifter
  125. The Family
  126. Front splitter
  127. One Clean Holden & One Dusty Holden:
  128. Window Weather Strips
  129. Morimoto Relay
  130. Few before and after pics of some front nose Plasti-dip!!
  131. What do you think about those grilles?
  132. How to get hood scoops off?
  133. Detailed my motor
  134. Had a little Vinyl work done
  135. 3m paint defender (safe for headlights)?
  136. PlastiDip options?
  137. If you needed yet another reason to avoid drive-thru car washes...
  138. Holden front bumper
  139. Adam's Weekly Write-Up Contest!!
  140. How to get oil-based primer out of the trunk carpet?
  141. 09 gt front bumper cover
  142. Headlight Replacement Information Needed.
  143. whole car Plasti dipped
  144. diffuser push pin p/n?
  145. Hit a Deer! Need Advice
  146. shopping cart/wind = pissed off g8 owner!
  147. Interior plastic water spots
  148. Resurrected: A 1940 Ford charred in a garage fire
  149. Need Some Painting Advice
  150. Best Wax out there for the Pontiac G8?
  151. Waxing
  152. Post your Plasti-dipped G8 pics here
  153. Holden Racing Spoiler
  154. Junkman's "How to Care for Your Microfiber Towels"
  155. Does wax make more dirt stick, or am I crazy?
  156. First Chip in the Paint
  157. Ever see these headlights from Australia?
  158. Tinted windshield on liquid red g8
  159. Coil covers painted and installed
  160. Front lip spoiler
  161. Lf:quality halo and possible led headlights.
  162. Bathurst stripes ..... what do you thing ?
  163. Any fender rollers in stl
  164. 3 Step Wax?
  165. Sneak peek...
  166. How to clean center console LCD?
  167. I want to protect my paint, but not spend hours detailing
  168. Polished Recommendations
  169. White Paint-easy to match/blend?
  170. Wax is streaky/hazy
  171. Looking for Maverick Man rear spoiler or SLP
  172. Cup holder chrome bezel - can't find
  173. Chrome Trim - Question
  174. Amber LEDs In Clear Housing
  175. Showdown: Hammered Mercedes SLK vs. Cyclo and Adams Paint Correcting Polish
  176. GS fender stripes
  177. Nevr-Dull
  178. Could not help myself (3M Di-Noc)
  179. Hard water spots on my windows and paint
  180. 8 hour grind
  181. Finished Engine detail
  182. First time detailing the G8 - Album inside
  183. Weather Tech Mats
  184. I don't know ....What do you think
  185. IP Cluster Swap
  186. Front lip mod
  187. Beat sonic shark fin
  188. New wheels and tires and rightbackatcha rupert
  189. Clean and no POLLEN...
  190. Load Resistors - anone tried something like these???
  191. Spot free rinse
  192. Plasti-dipping hood scoops question.
  193. Does plasti-dip harm clear coat ????
  194. 7 hrs of elbow grease *PICS/VID*
  195. new pics of my whip
  196. Baby bag with pontiac logo
  197. Why wouldn't just this bumper work?
  198. Projects complete
  199. Under dash wiring schematic question
  200. Black interior to Black and red
  201. New Fuel Rail covers
  202. Morimoto Hid Install
  203. Touch up paint
  204. Duplicolor Scratch Fix All-In-1
  205. Washed and Waxed PSM GT/P
  206. Windshield trim coming apart
  207. Have you guys considered pump spraying your car wash?
  208. Suggestions!
  209. Best foam gun soap??
  210. Opinion: Caliper Bracket Color
  211. PSM with Firehawk hood paint job
  212. Be Careful of Who You Hit When Fleeing the Scene!
  213. GXP diffuser prices
  214. Photo request: Tinted side markers
  215. Best CREE style LED bulb for reverse lights?
  216. Rear Emblem change up!
  217. Finally got my spoiler installed.
  218. Firehawk hood with black chrome wheels?
  219. Took her to the beach today
  220. My newest mod. All show, no go
  221. Let's see your steering wheel covers
  222. Repainting?
  223. $200 for a good detail?
  224. rust on frame question? not g8
  225. Interior vinyl overlay orientation.
  226. Hand-Made Spoiler Accents (Opinions?)
  227. Chrome trim treatment......
  228. DIY: Morimoto HID install with relay
  229. Gxp steering wheel
  230. Help needed: streaking when using quick detailers
  231. Plasti-dip two tone sport package wheels
  232. Broken Front Panel Clips
  233. Interior Trim Color Codes
  234. Keyhole overlay?
  235. 09 MGM GT Bumper Color Question
  236. (fake) Carbon Fiber Interior
  237. new paint
  238. Anyone successfully installed a HUD in the G8?
  239. adding GXP emblem to center stack?
  240. touch up paint
  241. Paint Correction Detail on my G8 Replacement
  242. Looking for new emblems, rear.
  243. LED door projector light question
  244. PD glossifier?
  245. need final advice on polishing supplies
  246. Playing with Aftermarket hood ideas (sketches) need some feedback
  247. custom ice box for zl1 spuercharger on my gxp
  248. Sharkfin alternative
  249. Lower Door Stripe
  250. Project GVIII - Full Paint Concept (Forza/Photoshop)