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  1. anyone with Gloss black grill? Diffuser?
  2. Gunmetal dip on PBM
  3. Any Black G8s with Smoked Lenses?
  4. Black vinyl wrapped roof and chrome trim around doors!
  5. NEW Spyder l.e.d. head lights and E & G grill
  6. Spring projects complete (ThrottleBody and Gauges)
  7. A few pics during and after detail
  8. Spiced up under the hood. Thoughts?
  9. A Few New Pics of Mods.
  10. What colour brembos?
  11. Small Chip Touch Up
  12. LED lighting with Sunroof
  13. 6K White LED Fogs
  14. Looking for GXP front fascia.
  15. Rust!!!
  16. Suggestions on peeling off window tint?
  17. how to take out grilles?
  18. Forum TID preview sale // 15% off storewide
  19. Complete: 2003 Corvette Z06 (Patriot Wax Inside!)
  20. EZ Lip install and removal
  21. airbrush engine cover
  22. Where to buy those plastic tree screws?
  23. the start of a detail project ,no fun.
  24. New wrap, hood, wheels, Interior...Finished!
  25. Not Another Paint Thread...
  26. Plastic dip your whole car 29.min video. Utube
  27. Difference between SV6 and SS-V spoilers?
  28. Has my car been wrecked?
  29. Little more HSVing.. :)
  30. Results with Griot's Garage
  31. Small Photoshoot with both of our G8's
  32. stock headrest
  33. imagine a vehicle that wont rust !
  34. Sagging headliner
  35. huge engine bay makeover
  36. Ultima Paint Guard Plus, anyone use it?
  37. Bathurst Stripes
  38. Plasti dip idiot?
  39. Full detail: '08 Lexus RX330
  40. Help with Spyder LED headlight swap
  41. NEW Spyder l.e.d. head lights and E & G grill
  42. Alcantara interior updates just completed!
  43. What type of Clay for first claying...?
  44. Steering wheel leather peel
  45. New look
  46. 8 hrs of work with Adam's!
  47. Need some ideas for grille inserts on a GXP??
  48. Headlight restoration
  49. Just bought DDM Tuning hid bulbs
  50. maguires swirlx
  51. engine cover painted
  52. For those of you that have used Plasti Dip
  53. Blue HID (bmw/audi) colored headlight bulbs
  54. What polisher do you use, and are you happy with it?
  55. I swirled the heck out of my clearcoat, how did I do it? . . .
  56. GXP rear hitch cover...
  57. Adam's Detailed: '05 Dodge Viper Ram Quad Cab
  58. World Autism Awareness Day: Light It Up Blue
  59. NEW! Adam's Colorado Car Wiper with FREE BONUS!
  60. paint chip repair. HELP?
  61. Matte black g8 is now complete
  62. Picture request of hood insulator removed
  63. Any aftermarket hoods available for our G8's?
  64. Help picking out emblems
  65. Plasti dipped my roof black
  66. gxp grille doesnt line up properly
  67. lost a grill up front :(
  68. Headliner starting to comedown in my GT & CEL
  69. Driver Door Handle Broke
  70. Anyone Familiar with 22ple Paint Rim and Metal Coating?
  71. Opinion on new look
  72. My new summer look!
  73. The new look
  74. Firehawk'd the GXP!!
  75. oem quality floor mats
  76. Its here! Plastidipped the g8 matte white
  77. Repainted Bumper Question
  78. Joined the Plasti Dip Craze
  79. Best way to clean under hood insulation.
  80. Hydro Dipped custom Engine cover
  81. ADAM'S PROJECT: PATRIOT - The Reveal
  82. It's coming...
  83. Updated armrest
  84. Dye coming off steering wheel? Anyone know about redline goods?
  85. Installed my Holden Rear Sunshade
  86. SHOW PREP DETAIL: Custom Ford F150 Raptor
  87. removing hood scoops?
  88. Front Bumper Cover/Repaint Questions
  89. HSV Maloo Series 3 front fascia fit G8?
  90. Chrome fuse box and ABS cover.
  91. So I had to do something to stand out from the other white hots close by...
  92. Playing With Plastidip
  93. got to detail this little trinket today
  94. Ohhh...yes please
  95. Turtle Wax Ice car soap vs Meguiars Gold Class vs Blue Coral
  96. Chrome trim dilemma
  97. HID Help
  98. Calling all red G8s with stock black wheels
  99. HIDs installed!
  100. SBM Check Post Your Best!!
  101. Dippin time!
  102. Lots of changes-new paint!
  103. Adam's Detailed: 2003 Z06 Corvette
  104. New Bumper being fitted. :-)
  105. Exterior Detail Recommendation in Indy
  106. Dent in rear bumper
  107. photoshop rendering..what do you think?
  108. V-LED Fogs
  109. Looking to do hid's and match the fogs...
  110. Anyone Have This Issue With Cree LEDs?
  111. GXP Diffuser question
  112. Went with something different...
  113. Windshield busted! Help
  114. Help me choose Vanity Plate for GTO
  115. does anyone have a whole plasti dipped car
  116. rear air vents reek, ugh
  117. Aftermarket badges for front fender
  118. Dual stripes in front fender???
  119. I have discovered Plasti Dip!!
  120. Gunmetal Gray Plastidip?
  121. Debadged but left cloudy outline?!
  122. Waxing a Wrapped roof....
  123. Plasti dip
  124. White Hot G8 GT with plasti dip white/silver metalizer wheels
  125. Spyder headlights with HIDs
  126. after market seats?
  127. New rear Third Shift Studios Emblem
  128. Powder coated throttle body
  129. :( @#$% Bad Drivers
  130. Does anyone have a "how to" thread on rocker panel (side skirt) removal/install?
  131. Ideas on "hiding" scratch on top of rear bumper?
  132. QUICK TIPS FROM THE ADAM'S GARAGE: Restoring Faded Trim
  133. Painting the G8 - All or sections?
  134. wingless?
  135. Help with spots on paint
  136. DDM replacement bulbs
  137. Best shark fin antena
  138. A little sneak peak...
  139. Auto Shift Boot and Sharkfin on the way
  140. Cracked Bumper Fix??
  141. IAT temp range for custom gauges
  142. How to Remove Drivers Chrome Belt Molding and Black Aplique (B pillar)??
  143. Plasti Dip front grills renewed my appreciation for front Arrowhead.
  144. Plasti dip and blackout tape
  145. Will these Camaro fog light bezels work on the G8?
  146. Smoked Spyder Tail Lights Installed
  147. Partial Window Trim Blackout? Has anyone done this?
  148. HID kit
  149. Anyone running LED DRLs?
  150. Fog light wire gauge?
  151. Anyone wrapped the center dash trim?
  152. HSV GTS fenders etc..swaps?
  153. Exterior Door Handle Painted Caps Swappable?
  154. Best Solution for Front Plate Holder Holes
  155. Plasti dip retarded
  156. Homelink....courtesy of Blitz
  157. Weather tech fitment?
  158. Ebay fenders?
  159. HID Fogs may be in our future !!!
  160. Pics of Solo Performance Tips
  161. Miscellaneous appearance accessories
  162. Please help, Brake dust/Rust on wheels!
  163. Window tinting done.
  164. WARNING: may not be for every one, haha
  165. Ummm, wth?
  166. Custom hood
  167. To go carbon fiber or not to?
  168. Cleaning the honeycomb grills
  169. Debadging Debacle
  170. Upgrades- Sharkfin, 3.5in tips, interior leather stuff
  171. New mods
  172. My $500 eBay buy
  173. engine cover
  174. clear coating the wheels
  175. Photochop frnt cap..
  176. Plastidip product recommendations
  177. 2 questions - GXP Diffuser and HIDs
  178. Courtesy lighting question
  179. HSV E3 Front fenders on GXP options
  180. Halos for the win
  181. VE Commodore LED Mirror Covers
  182. Cowl Hood?
  183. just got new product at work for clay bar
  184. cree led question.
  185. V3 Triton Lights?
  186. White Bathurst Stripe plastidipped on White Hot
  187. How do you clean your matte black wheels??
  188. Demon8 3-gauge pod
  189. Plasti dip painted trim question
  190. gxp rear diffuser
  191. Rear Diffuser Swap
  192. Just realized my tips are chrome...
  193. driver floor mat
  194. Plasti Dipping Tomorrow
  195. Led welcome door lights
  196. Fog Light?
  197. Gxp front bumper?
  198. Front Emblem Measurements
  199. HELP!! GXP Diffuser
  200. Questions about 3rd shift studio's concept darts
  201. HID Fog light projectors help?
  202. High Beams- Sylvania or PIAA?
  203. HSV E2 Conversion maybe? Photoshop help Please & TY
  204. HID Reverse lights
  205. Gxp bump .. Where to buy one?
  206. anyone see the new audi tail lights
  207. LED Bulbs for Headlights/High Beams?
  208. LED License Plate Bulbs
  209. tried the flex hose ,as seen on tv product
  210. Odd rattle from rear passenger side.
  211. Steering Wheel thumb knob control question
  212. lookin for opinion on tint
  213. Paint Match Kyne Designs Front Splitter- Anyone?
  214. Lighting Mod Questions.
  215. Plasti-dipped colors
  216. Meguiars Ultimate Compound, finally, my PBM swirls are gone
  217. Warranty on Paint
  218. V-leds Triton V3 amber LED bulb
  219. Buffing/Polishing Centercaps
  220. V6 Tailights at Night
  221. driver fender replacement
  222. Interior door pannels
  223. Any tips or tricks to remove seat indentions
  224. Too much?
  225. valve cover coil relocation
  226. Wipe New - Pics
  227. Leather Peeling on Driver Seat
  228. 3 Pod A-Pillar by 1gr8ate
  229. Help with headlights
  230. Paint on rim center caps
  231. Relaxing windshield weather stripping
  232. Replacing the spoiler...????
  233. Anybody still looking for reverse LEDs?
  234. Where to find sun visor mirror covers?
  235. where to purchase new hood vent???
  236. Colorshift 2.0's Installed!
  237. Blackout trim matte or gloss?
  238. Just to Make Sure.... HID Related
  239. Fog light housing replacements
  240. Steering Wheel Swap.. Custom Wrapped/Threaded GXP Wheel & Shift Knob
  241. Some quality time with the G8 and clear lense/bulb upgrades
  242. 3M Brushed Graphite or Brushed Black Aluminum
  243. Aftermarket Tail Lights
  244. Le mans roller latch fuel cap
  245. Reflective Concepts!
  246. Custom center gauge pod
  247. Gauge dress up ideas?
  248. Instrument/gauge Cover Spots
  249. I wouldn't mind this bumper
  250. Plastidip trim painting question