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: TSB, recall and service information

  1. Hard, Soft, Delayed or Slipping 1-2-3-4 Shift Document ID: 1593288
  2. #PIP4112J: Sag Or Hesitation On Acceleration (Normal Operation Characteristics)
  3. G8 3.6L V6 Malfunction Indicator Lamp On -- Check Engine Light, Camshaft issue
  4. #10-06-01-008B: Engine Oil Consumption on Aluminum Block Engines with AFM
  5. #10-06-01-007B: Active Fuel Management (AFM) Engine, Valve Lifter Tick Noise at Start
  6. #10-08-67-002A: Sunroof Buffeting and/or Activation of Anti-Pinch Feature
  7. #09-03-08-008: Knock Clunk Or Click Noise From Front Suspension Over Small Bumps
  8. Shake/Vibration in Steering Wheel, Boom/Moan Noise at Highway Speeds on Smooth Roads
  9. #99-01-39-004C: Air Conditioning Odor
  10. #09-08-110-015: Front Floor Mat Retainer Pin Missing/Broken (Replace Floor Carpet Mat
  11. PIP4499A: Short Duration Lifter Tick Noise On Cold Start
  12. First Recall - Brake Position, TPMS
  13. DIC Code P0011, camshaft sensor
  14. Capacities and Specifications
  15. TSB and other Service Information
  16. Oil Life Monitoring System
  17. Disc Brake Warranty Service and Procedures
  18. Wheel Alignment Specifications
  19. Engine Oil Leak at Rear Cover Assembly Area
  20. Service Bulletin "frozen hood latches"
  21. Sag or Hesitation on Acceleration (Normal Operating Characteristics)
  22. IB-Drivability Related to Over-Oiled Aftermarket Air Filter
  23. Service Update TCM-Delayed Downshift
  24. Service Update ECM/TCM
  25. Service Update-Passenger Safety Belt Reminder Chime/Light False Activation
  26. PIC4989: Drive Line Boom Noise And/Or Vibration
  27. TSB-Brake Light On, Cruise Inoperative, ESC Off Message in DIC
  28. IB-Correctly Identifying Front Stabilizer Shaft Link During Replacement in Service
  29. IB-Damage to 175A Battery Harness Fusible Link Due to Incorrect Jump Start Connection
  30. PIC-Pop Noise Heard in Front Suspension When Turning
  31. EIB-Transmission Gasket Leak
  32. TSB-Front Floor Mat Exibits Bulge or Wave
  33. TSB-Clunk Noise From Front of Vehicle