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  • 4DRBullit ·
    I am trying to find out production numbers for a maverick silver 2009 g8 gt. i have seen the thread on ls1 tech's site that gives a total breakdown for the color. i am trying to get more specific for the red onyx interior with the sport wheel package. do you know how or where i can find this? i am battling an insurance company and need info to come out on top. any help would be appreciated.
    Aussie Dors ·
    I posted a for sale thread yesterday for some VCM parts but I do not see it yet.
    I received aq message saying that it needs to be approved by an administrator.

    Can you give me an update/help please?
    hpjunke ·
    hi there i was wondering if you would mind me selling a g8 gt logo on here ? i dont wanna step on anyones toes but i have a few designs that id like to share

    Administrator ·
    unfortunately those rules are in place for a reason, just make random comments on ppls posts it doesn't take long.

    sorry i couldn't be of more help
    good luck
    itsallthesame ·
    I know I am still to new to post in the sale section, have not been on here much to do work travel. I do however have a 17" winter rim/tire set that I would be looking to sell in MI if there was any interest (6k on them). I purchased a winter vehicle and have no use for these any more.
    Just want to give someone the opprotunity if they are in need of a setup. I can provide all information/contacts/pics/verifications needed.
    I understand the minimum post rules are in place for a reason, but is there any way you would be able to help?

    karlinoz ·
    Hi, my privelages show start new thread but the button is not visible in my view of the forum. Can you correct the problem for me please.


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